What is Zangi?

Zangi is a Silicon Valley-based private communication messenger, which drives innovation in secure, high-quality private communication solutions for everyone.

Zangi has two main business lines: Zangi Free Messenger and Zangi Business Solutions.

Free Messenger

For secure and fast messaging, calling, groups and file transfer. The app consumes the lowest data among messengers.

Business Solutions

Zangi offers small, med & large companies and communities to launch their own messaging-voice-video solutions on their independent app/desktop.

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What makes Zangi different?

  • You are in charge of your conversations.

    Unlike others, Zangi messenger does not store or give out your personal information or messages to anyone, because we don’t have access to your messages in the first place. Zangi has refused to collect or have access to your data, thus eliminating the possibility of monitoring, intruder entry, or backdoors leading to your personal data.

  • Zangi’s system is serverless

    With our peer-to-peer technologies, your calls and messages are performed without a server or direct connection and are decentralized (there are no central servers that can be attacked, shut down, or forced to turn over data).

  • 3 levels of robust encryption

    Unlike others, Zangi encrypts the entire scheme with multi-level military grade encryption, ensuring the complete confidentiality and authenticity of calls and messages, even across the most vulnerable or hostile networks.

Who is Zangi for?

Zangi Messenger is for anyone who wants fast, secure and reliable instant messaging and calls to anywhere in the world, even with slow, noisy or overcrowded internet.


Zangi easily adapts to slow internet and crowded WIFI. Users can use Zangi on the go, without worrying about expensive roaming or bad internet. All you need is working WiFi to make free audio and video chats on Zangi. And you can also save money, by turning on the “Low Data Usage” mode.


Designed for security, Zangi Private Messenger is for transferring confidential files and having private calls and messaging with peace of mind.


For the privacy-conscious user and for everyone who needs a communication platform for work, family, friends, networks, social life. Zangi provides high quality audio calls with crystal clear voice and quality free video chat with uninterrupted and realistic video. You can have safe group messages with colleagues or friends, without having to worry about security or your data appearing on the internet.

Zangi is also for companies and communities that need complete enterprise security in an easy-to-use platform to protect communications across teams, and with clients and partners.

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Is it free?

Zangi is absolutely free and always will be.

Zangi messenger is free to download. Not at any point will you be asked to make in-app purchases. The app uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to send and receive messages and make calls to your friends and family. As long as you have not exceeded your data limit or you are connected to a free Wi-Fi network, your carrier should not charge you extra for messaging over Zangi.

Free of ads.

Not at any point will you be shown ads on the app.

Zangi saves you data.

Zangi saves you money on data! It’s ranked as the most data-efficient messaging apps. With Zangi, you spend up to 6 times less data than you would with other messaging apps. To spend less data, you just need to turn on the Low Data Usage mode from your app Settings.

Zangi-Out calls.

If you would like to make calls to non-Zangi contacts you can do so by buying Zangi-Out credits at very low rates (available only for iOS). To do so go to My Balance from your app Settings.

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How secure is it?

Zangi provides fully secure communication (messages and calls), without any compromises.

3 Levels of Encryption

We use 3 levels of robust encryption (including end-to-end encryption), securing the entire journey of your content and metadata, from start to finish, and during transport.

Zangi servers have no user communications.

We have refused to collect or have access to your data, thus eliminating the possibility of monitoring, intruder entry, or backdoors leading to your personal data.

No Backdoors

Unlike other providers, Zangi does not create intentional flaws in its cryptosystem to bypass encryption.

No Profiling

Your privacy is never compromised. Zangi does not sell analytics or usage data to anyone.

Does it work with poor internet?

Zangi works everywhere, even with the slowest Internet connections: from 2G/EDGE to noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks.It automatically adapts to the internet you're using, to provide the best quality calls possible. Activating the Low Data Usage mode when stuck with slow or expensive satellite networks allows you to talk for up to 7 minutes while using only 1 MB of bandwidth. To spend less data, activate the Low Data Usage mode from your app Settings. Disable Low Data Usage mode for the highest quality available.

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What does Zangi offer for businesses?

Zangi Business Solutions is for companies and communities that need complete enterprise security in an easy-to-use platform to protect communications across teams, and with clients and partners.

Here are the business solutions you can choose from:

Messenger for Your Business Phone System

  • Secure your calls between mobiles & your phone system via end-to-end encryption.

  • Add mobility by eliminating roaming and long distance charges from your office phones to mobile.

  • Make and receive HD voice calls via the high quality HD-codec we use for voice transfer.

  • Add premium messenger features, transforming and extending your team communication functionalities.

Self-Hosted Team Communication App

  • Secure your communications, by hosting on you servers or on your clouds

  • Manage your team activity, with your Dashboard: view statistics, send push notifications and more.

  • Get high-quality messenger features and add your own branding and customization.

  • Integrate with local and external VoIP with (SIP) gateways

MVNO Messenger Solutions

  • Attain users with other operators’ SIM cards with Zangi serving as a Soft-SIM card

  • Host cheap HD calls and messages with zero roaming charges, obtaining new users and extending your services.

  • Give users messenger-based features like IM, video calls, file sharing etc.

  • Secure communication, protected with end-to-end encryption and data privacy

Create Your Own Messenger