Lowest Data Usage Messenger

Our in-house built technologies substantially reduce mobile data usage making Zangi the most cost-beneficial messenger out there.

Consumes 6x Less Data Than Other Messengers

Enable the “Low Data Usage” mode on Zangi to save precious data when making phone calls on slow or expensive network connections. Find this mode in your app settings.

Make high quality calls for up to 7 minutes using a single Megabyte of bandwidth.

Minutes to talk on voice call while using 1 MB of bandwidth

The Technology Behind the System

Zangi-developed Streaming Control Protocol (SCP) was designed to replace Realtime Transportation Protocol (RTP) as a standard for online data transmission. SCP works by reducing the size of the payload format in order to carry up to 25% more data in IP networks on the same bandwidth. The advantages provided by SCP include low bandwidth usage, smart Internet channel for data transmission, fast and smart recovery for lost packages, Internet Channel Quality-Adaptive system and a fully codec-independent platform.