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Why Zangi is the best 5G Standard Internet Transport Technologies
The 1st Future-Centric Data Protection

Why You Need Zangi

Zangi brings innovation and utmost security to modern day communication. With mighty technologies built from the ground, Zangi has become a leader in the fastest messaging & transfer, the lowest data usage, powerful data protection, and resilience to provide voice & video even in poor, noisy networks where other messengers don’t stand.

Get this all for free with Zangi Messenger. Or incorporate such advancements into your enterprise communication with Zangi Business Solutions.

Why Zangi? →

A New Approach to Security

We push security technologies further than ever before. Zangi Private Messenger is built to fully protect your communication and data without compromises.


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1st future-centric data protection.

Zangi security is strong enough even against the future’s smart advancements. Because nothing is stored on any servers not even in encrypted form.


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Protection from 3rd party interception.

With Zangi, all communication is secured with 3-leveled encryption, including End-to-End Encryption — eliminating “middleman” listening.


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Secured from server hacking.

Zangi Private Messages App has refused to collect big data and doesn’t keep any user data on any servers.


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Personal info leakage-free.

Your private communication, personal info and history is encrypted locally and stored only on your device.


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You are in charge of your conversations.

Your data and communication only belong to you, and are seen by you and your intended recipient.


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No Backdoors

Unlike other providers, Zangi does not create intentional flaws in its cryptosystem to bypass encryption.

Zangi-Built New Age Technologies

We've built our own in-house Internet Transport technology, which provides revolutionary results in real-time communication.

One Technology, Many Solutions

Messenger for Everyone

Free messaging app to securely message & call friends, colleagues and family.

For Teams

Create your fully private communication system, with data under your control.

Modernize Office Phone

Expand your phone system’s security, mobility and get a modern messenger.

For Teams

Digitalize and extend your Telecom business. Save on costs & get new services.

Add Voice API

Easily embed fully-programmable voice or conference calls into your mobile apps.

Create Your Own Messenger

With Zangi’s help, build your own messenger. Hosted by you, fitted to your brand.
All built on the strongest security and our new-age technology.

Simple Design, Clean Experience

Zangi app is concentrated on providing uttermost convenience and intuitive user experience. The app is completely ad-free, no banners, no popups — no interruption, no clutter.

About Zangi UX →
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Original Stickers & Emojis

Chat more colorfully. Say it better with our unique and fun stickers. Browse our sticker store for new sticker releases.

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