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No Registration

No Data Collection

Zangi messenger on 5g engine
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Why Zangi?

ANONYMOUS REGISTRATION - Registration without phone number & without personal contact sharing. Protection from surveillance and account hacking.

NO DATA COLLECTION - Your data is stored ONLY on your phone.

MILITARY GRADE ENCRYPTION - Texts, Files, Voice & Video calls are encrypted by the End-to-End AES-GCM 256 algorithm



A New Approach to Security

Zangi has fully refused to collect big data. And it doesn’t keep data on any servers, whatsoever.


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1st future-centric data protection.

With Zangi your data is protected even from advanced, smart malicious activities. With nothing stored on any servers, there’s NOTHING to steal or leak.


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Protection from 3rd party interception.

With Zangi Private Messenger, all communication is secured with 3-leveled encryption, including End-to-End Encryption — eliminating “middleman” listening.


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A Truly Private Communication Space

No one can surveil you, follow your activity, see your online status, know what you’ve been doing on Zangi.


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No Mobile Number Required

Zangi does not ask you for your personal phone number. Our registration only uses reliable authentication options. We also don’t store your contacts.


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Personal info leakage-free.

Your communication, personal info and history is encrypted locally and stored only on your device. Seen only by you & your intended recipient.


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No Backdoors

Unlike other providers, Zangi Private Messaging app does not create intentional flaws in its cryptosystem to bypass encryption.

Zangi-Built New Age Technologies

Zangi is based on new 5G-standard internet transport technologies, which provide revolutionary results in real-time communication.

Uninterrupted voice & video calls

Uninterrupted voice & video calls

Try Zangi and see the difference. New level of HD calls.

Designed to work even with slow and crowded networks, Zangi adapts to any connection available, providing the best stability and speeds.

2X faster file transfer

Send unlimited files and photos with the world's fastest internet data delivery. Even the largest files are sent at incredible speeds.

Transfer is also fail-resistant. If something unexpected happens: your WIFI changes, your phone freezes, etc, continue downloading from where you left off.

More on our Fastest File Transfer →

2X faster file transfer

Smooth conferencing

Smooth conferencing

Have crystal-clear and uninterrupted conference calls in real-time, with no delays and no problems.

Add, mute, call, chat, share media with participants. Maintain participant connectivity even in poor or crowded connections.

Lowest data usage

Save money. Consume 6X less data than you would with other messengers. With Zangi’s “Low Data Mode” travelers save tons of money on data roaming.

They can make inexpensive phone calls without the need to buy local SIM cards.

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Lowest data usage

Use Zangi for your Business, too

For team communication get Zangi Business apps with all the free app advantages, and additionally with PRIVATE SPACE implementation.

Zangi Business apps →

Find team, White Label and other solutions from Zangi.

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All and All,
A Simple Application

The app is completely ad-free, no 3-rd party notifications, no banners, no popups — no interruption, no clutter.

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Available for IOS and Android