Stay private and secure

All messages are stored only on your device, once deleted they are gone forever.

Save with Zangi

We care about your wallet. Use the low data usage mode to save your mobile or Wi-Fi data. Zangi consumes up to 6 times less data than other messengers.

Stay Connected

Don’t worry about crowded Wi-Fi or slow network issues. Zangi calls are clean and uninterrupted thanks to our revolutionary technologies that use the least bandwidth in the world and easily recover lost voice and video data.

Messaging and More...

Cool and Fun Stickers

Make your chat more fun with our cool, unique and expressive stickers for free.

HD Voice and Video Calls

Get face-to-face with your friends and family. Speak your mind through HD video calls.

Private Group Chats

Create and manage group chats, view shared content and communicate with a large number of people in a single conversation.