Free iPhone, iPad and iPod application for free voice and video calls. Free Android application for free voice and video calls. Free FaceBook application for free voice and video calls. Free Web application for free voice and video calls.
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Zangi - Free voice and video calls

As primarily a solution for mobile phones, Zangi combines the best of all worlds: free HD quality audio, video, messaging , as well as calls, callback, international call forwarding and SMS outside Zangi network to GSM and landline at competitive prices; identification system based on your phone number and one-click integration with your phone’s address book, making Zangi a “native” application and giving you comfort of staying with Zangi for all the communication needs you might have, as well as interactive and media features of any kind. Other competitors offer one or the other, but not all of these features, making Zangi’s offering unique. It is important to mention that Zangi also has quite unique desktop and tablet applications, however its main focus is on mobile.

HD voice call with lowest possible bandwidth Internet. So far only one of our direct competitors can match Zangi’s HD voice call at 2G/E internet connection speed on a mobile phone/tablet.

Provision of almost complete accessibility, placing a call no matter whether the recipient is on or offline, has internet connection or not. This increasingly positions Zangi as an alternative to traditional GSM telephony.