The messenger that works everywhere

From 2G/EDGE to weak Wi-Fi and Satellite networks.

White Label Softphone

Join Zangi co-branding family and provide your customers with one of the top SoftPhone applications on the market. Your customers will enjoy the best user experience while placing calls with great audio and video quality and the lowest bandwidth usage in the industry.

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Zangi, Call Any Phone

Call Any Phone

Local or long-distance, call any physical phone and save. Why pay extra when Zangi-Out calling rates are amongst the cheapest on the market.

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Zangi Works Everywhere

Works Everywhere

Overloaded connections. Public Wi-Fi. Calls are breaking-up. Not with Zangi. Forget about all your slow Internet woes. Zangi will work even on 2G networks.

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Zangi Cool Messaging

Cool Messaging

Instant. Fun. Rich. Add some stickers, share your photos, videos, locations... the opportunities are endless. Ever wanted to use messaging in your video call? No problem.

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Zangi, Wherever You Will Go


What if your Internet connection is really bad, even for Zangi? We have a solution for you. Request a callback and your call will be made via usual GSM network but at much cheaper rate.

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Call Forwarding

How to avoid roaming charges while abroad? Easy. Get a local SIM card and add your new number to your Zangi account. When someone dials your main number we will make sure that you'll receive that call on your new number.

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Zangi Saves Battery Life

Saves Battery Life

How to improve battery life of your smartphone? Choose Zangi for all your mobile communication needs and your battery will last up-to 30% longer.

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Zangi Is Private and Secure

Private and Secure

Your privacy is our main priority. Everything in Zangi is encrypted from your video to your messages. Because what is intended to be private should stay private.

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