Private Messaging App

Never worry about your privacy with Zangi’s serverless system. We don’t store your communication history anywhere, making it impossible for your messages to reach third-parties.

New Cutting-Edge Technology

Our revolutionary technologies substantially reduce mobile data usage, making Zangi the most cost-beneficial messenger in the world.

With Zangi, you save tremendously. You can make great quality calls while consuming 6 times less data than you would with other messengers.

Always Stay Connected

Does your audio or video keep cutting out during calls? Switch to Zangi for the best quality possible. With Zangi you never have to worry about crowded Wi-Fi or slow network issues. Our audio and video calls are clean and uninterrupted thanks to our new-era technologies.

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Reply, Forward Specific Messages

Send Yourself Messages

Change Orientation for Left-Handed

Create and Manage Group Chats

Share Files, Locations, Contacts and Photos

Low Data Usage

Change Background Themes


New Age of Communication with Decentralization

Don’t delegate your data and privacy to others. Take full control over your business and data by creating you own decentralized Virtual Network. With our multilevel decentralization options, you can produce your desired fully-private messenger network in no time.