Finally be able to send ORIGINAL-QUALITY files and media at exceptional speeds.

Send full quality files and media with Zangi Messenger

The Best Way to send
Full-Quality files & media

Zangi Premium is for the ultimate media and file transfer experience. Subscribers will be able to send unlimited files, images and videos with absolutely no size or quality reductions.

Try Zangi Premium free for 7 days, then continue with a monthly subscription. Cancel anytime. Find the “Premium” tab in your app Settings.

Send full resolution images

Full-Resolution Images, Finally!

Only on Premium!

For years now, WhatsApp and other messengers have been reducing image resolution to roughly a third of its original.

With Zangi Premium, unlock Zangi's exclusive patented technologies that make it possible to send full-resolution media, without compromising experience or speed.

Send full resolution images

Send Unlimited Files and Media

Only on Premium!

With Zangi’s Premium subscription, there’s no limit to the number and types of files you can send.

Send as many large files, images or videos as you want, to as many people as you want, without them being compressed.

Fail-Resistant, Reliable Technologies

Be assured that your files will always reach their destination, in every case scenario. If something unexpected happens during download, come back and resume from where you left off.

If you’re using an unstable/poor connection, Zangi will adapt to it, so you don’t feel a difference.

how to send photos without losing quality

how to send high quality photos securely

Powerful File Transfer SecurityAll files are End-to-End Encrypted on the sender’s device, and can only be decrypted by the receiver. During transfer, files are sent & received via one-time secure paths.

And no copies of files are saved on any servers, not even in encrypted form.

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2X Faster File DeliveryWith Zangi, get flashing delivery speed no matter the file-size and no matter if you’re having WIFI/internet speed fluctuations.

Get reliable, speedy transfer thanks to our high-speed patented technologies that make smart data-transmission possible.

Download Zangi Messenger for Free

Available for IOS and Android


Why do other file services compress files?

Other services compress files and images to reduce the time and space required for files to be sent and downloaded.

How does Zangi send full-quality files?

Zangi’s high-speed patented technologies make smart data-transmission possible. Thanks to our fastest transfer speed, not quality nor experience needs to be compromised.

Why is Zangi Premium a paid service?

Because you get to send an UNLIMITED number of high-quality files and media, using the fastest, most fail-resistant, smart file transfer technologies, that we built from zero.

What do Premium subscribers get?

With Zangi Premium:
- Send unlimited full-resolution images, videos, files in their original format, without losing quality or resolution at any point.
- No size limitation
- Fastest file transfer system
- Strong End-to-End encryption
- Fail-resistant technologies
- Internet quality-adaptive system

How to go Premium?

Try Zangi Premium free for 7 days, and continue for $8.99 a/month. To become a Premium member find the “Premium” tab in your app Settings.