HD Voice API

Easily embed fully-programmable P2P voice calls or conference calls into your mobile apps.

Programmable HD Audio API

2X More Cost-Effective, plus Better Quality

Zangi offers its Voice API for half the price offered by Twilio and other competitors.

And thanks to the INNOVATIVE technologies self-built by Zangi, get HD voice excellence and high scalability.

Zangi API Benefits

HD Voice for Voice API

HD Voice

Zangi uses Opus HD codec for voice quality. Get crystal-clear and uninterrupted audio.

Low Latency for Audio API

Low Latency

Have high volume dialogues in real-time, with minimal/no delays.

Unlimited users for programmable voice api

Immense User Count

Have global calls & conferences with mass participants, with no problems.

Resilient Voice sdk


Maintain participant connectivity even in poor or crowded connections.

Join easily to zangi audio sdk

Join Easily

Easily join conference calls with a link or conference ID and passcode.

Programable Powerful api

Powerful API

Embed anything from simple audio calls to large moderated, multi-user conferences.

Integration is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Integration only takes minutes. To integrate the Voice API, you don’t need to learn a new language (ML or XMLs), you don’t need to spend hours figuring out excessive pages of documentation or learning new terminology. We maximally minimized our documentation into a ONE CLASS GUIDE. Simply create your free account, choose your programming language, and add the provided codes.

Ingrate Zangi Voice API
Programmable HD Voice API Easy Integration

Get fully-programmable conference SDK

Get fully-programmable conference SDK

Add audio calls and conferencing directly into your native mobile applications. We’ll help with all additional development, customizations and advancements on the way.

Test voice & conference calls

Advanced features

We’ve got the building blocks you need to grow, scale and deploy your app with confidence. You can also request to add or remove the features you don’t need.

Speak to an expert about your app

Advanced Conference API features


Min / Month

Pricing for All Regions

First 100K minutes

$0.0009 /participant per min

Next 900k minutes

$0.0008 /participant per min

Next 9M minutes

$0.00075 /participant per min

Next 40M minutes

$0.00065 /participant per min

Next 50M minutes

$0.0006 /participant per min

Above 100M minutes

$0.0005 /participant per min