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security & privacy

Zangi End-to-End encryption mechanisms are always on by default, so all your communication is always secure.

All encryption and decryption happens directly on the device. This guarantees no third-party access, meaning no one is able to decrypt your private calls and messages.

One Zangi - one device. To provide secure messaging, prevent any data leaks and breaking into your account, we do not store any data on our servers. So whether you log in to your account from another device, you get a brand new messenger - your message and call history will be empty.

Phone number verification is not required - Zangi assigns you its private number upon registration, which guarantees no tracking and no idenity theft.

Zangi uses military-grade security and three levels of encryption for the most secure messaging.

1. Encrypted proprietary handshaking mechanism
2. Dynamic channel encryption
3. End-to-End encryption

Zangi does not collect your data and does not store any of it on its servers. Whatever is stored on your device is all you have.

Zangi does not sell any data to any third-second-first party agents. As it does not even collect any of it. This goes againt our mission and ethics.

Your privacy is uninvadable. And we stand by it.

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