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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Zangi and why should I use it?

    Zangi is a messenger application to make phone calls, send messages, transfer data and much more with other Zangi users while using the least amount of data. Zangi is available for free on iOS and Android. Also, you can call any number that doesn’t have Zangi at low rates using Zangi-Out. Zangi will work over 2G/EDGE, noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks.

  • Does it cost anything to use Zangi?

    Zangi video/audio calls and text messages are free. You can call any number that doesn’t have Zangi at low rates using Zangi-Out.

  • How do I get Zangi messenger?

    Install Zangi from Apple store or Google Play for free.

  • Does Zangi work on my phone?

    Zangi messenger is available for iOS and Android users for free. Zangi works on most smartphones and devices. Choose your country code and register your cell phone number. After registration you will receive a message with a confirmation code on your cell phone. Confirm your code and you can start using Zangi.

  • Why don’t I receive my notifications in my Android phone?

    To get notifications even if Zangi is not in the background, please make sure that Zangi is allowed to autorun in the background.
    In some Android smartphones, in order to save the battery usage, only a limited number of apps are allowed to autorun in the background by default.

    For more information check the link.

  • How many numbers can I use for Zangi?

    If you have more than one cell phone number you can logout and sign in with another number in the same way you did with the first one.

  • Can I see which of my contacts uses Zangi?

    To see which of your contacts uses Zangi you need to go to your Zangi contact list. To the right of the contact you will see the word zangi, which means that these people are also using the Zangi messenger application.

  • How can I invite my friends to join Zangi?

    You can easily chat on Zangi with friends who have the application installed and their number verified on their phones. If someone doesn’t have Zangi on their phones yet you can invite them to join.You can send a Zangi invitation via our Invite Friends feature which allows you to send an SMS, email or share an invitation message with the link on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Keep in mind if you choose invitation via SMS standard rates will apply. Before choosing this option make sure you have enough balance or an adequate SMS plan. You can find the “Invite Friends” option in the settings.

  • Are my calls and messages placed through Zangi safe/encrypted?

    Zangi is one of the most secure messenger applications available with multi-layer security systems, which have no negative impact on Zangi performance.Unlike other similar messaging apps, Zangi does not store your messages or any other personal information on its servers.Moreover, all your video calls, audio calls, messages and signaling are encrypted. A new key is generated with every call. Encryption algorithms are RSA-2048 and C4+.

  • How do I make a phone call via Zangi?

    With Zangi you can place a call to anyone for free if they are also using the application and even if they’re in another country. Zangi Calling is available on Android and iPhone devices. Calling between Zangi apps is done via internet connection.

  • What is Zangi-Out?

    Zangi-Out allows Zangi users from all over the world to make calls at low rates from smartphones to landlines or mobile numbers, even if they are not using Zangi messenger app. You can check rates for Zangi-out calls for any country. You can also place emergency calls with Zangi-out.

  • Can I use Zangi to make international calls?

    You can contact anyone on the same, or different, network and even in a completely different country if they are using Zangi messenger. The number of calls and messages are not limited.

  • What is call forwarding?

    While you are in a different country you may use a local SIM card to pay less for calls and data usage. If you have added and activated the “Call Forwarding” number, and someone places a Zangi-Out call to your main Zangi number, our system will automatically forward that call to your new number at the Zangi-Out rate. This eliminates the need to inform everyone about our changed number. To activate the “Call Forwarding” feature go to your Zangi settings and choose “Call Forwarding”. Then tap “Add New Number” and add that country’s local SIM card number.

  • How do I add credit?

    Go to your Zangi settings and choose “My Balance”. Then choose the amount of money you would like to add to your Zangi balance. Pay with your credit card.

  • How can I use my credit?

    Zangi calls to other Zangi users are always free, but for Zangi-Out calls to mobile or landline numbers you have to add credit. Also, you can use the Zangi Callback feature in case of very weak or unstable Internet connections. Zangi will call you and the number you want to reach using Zangi-Out rates. For Callback calls Zangi messenger will use the mobile connection and not the Internet.

  • What happens when I block someone in my Zangi contacts?

    After you block a number, the user will not be able to call you or send you a message.

  • How can I change the language?

    To change Zangi messenger language, go to the Zangi settings. Tap “Zangi Language” and choose the preferred language.

  • What kind of files I can transfer with Zangi?

    With the Zangi messenger you can transfer different kind of files like images, videos, your location, as well as text (.txt), Word (.doc and .docx), Excel (.xls and .xlsx), Power Point (.ppt and .pptx)and PDF format files.

  • How can I transfer files with Zangi?

    Open your Zangi messenger and tap the clip icon. For iOS devices you can attach different kinds of files from your iCloud or Dropbox. For Android devices you can choose files from the device storage.

  • How do I enable the Orientation for left-handed layout?

    To enable the left-handed orientation, go to your Zangi settings, choose Chats and enable the Orientation for left-handed feature.

  • How do I change chat background on Zangi?

    To change your chat background, go to your Zangi Settings and enter Chats. Go to the Chat Background and choose one from the existing backgrounds and tap Set on the top right.

  • Can I use Zangi with a bad internet connection?

    Zangi is the most cost effective messenger. It works everywhere and with the slowest Internet connections: from 2G/EDGE to noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks. Zangi automatically adapts to provide you HD quality calls if your internet connection allows for it. Activating the “Low Data Usage” mode in slow or expensive satellite networks allows you to talk for up to 7 minutes while using only 1 MB of internet. To Activate the Low Data Usage mode go to your Zangi messenger settings and enable the Low Data Usage mode.

  • Does Zangi use a lot of data?

    Zangi is one of the lightest messenger applications which does not use much data. Ex. Talk for up to 7 minutes while using only 1 MB of internet

  • How can I see how many MBs Zangi is using?

    To see how many MBs you have used during your last outgoing call. Go to your Zangi Contacts and choose the person you had an outgoing call with. Tap the Contact name and a new page will appear. Under the Calling menu you can see the date, time, how many KB or MB you have used during your last call with the chosen person.

  • Why I need to use my Facebook info?

    Using Facebook info is optional. Zangi receives only your first name, last name and your profile picture from Facebook. If you want to add your Facebook info, go to your Zangi settings, tap on your name on the top of the page and choose “Use Your Facebook Info”.

  • Why I need to set a password?

    Setting password for your Zangi account is optional. The password allows you to access your Zangi user account on the Zangi website. After you have set the password you will get a confirmation code.

  • When will my order ship?

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