Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Zangi and why should I use it?
Does it cost anything to use Zangi?
How do I get Zangi messenger?
Does Zangi work on my phone?
Why don't I receive my notifications in my Android phone?
How many numbers can I use for Zangi?
Can I see which of my contacts uses Zangi?
How can I invite my friends to join Zangi?
Are my calls and messages placed through Zangi safe/encrypted?
How do I make a phone call via Zangi?
What is Zangi-Out?
Can I use Zangi to make international calls?
What is call forwarding?
How do I add credit?
How can I use my credit?
What is Callback?
What happens when I block someone in my Zangi contacts?
How can I change the language?
What kind of files I can transfer with Zangi?
How can I transfer files with Zangi?
How do I enable the Orientation for left-handed layout?
How do I change chat background on Zangi?
Can I use Zangi with a bad internet connection?
Does Zangi use a lot of data?
How can I see how many MBs Zangi is using?
Why I need to use my Facebook info?
Why I need to set a password?