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Low Data Usage mode

Zangi-developed SC Protocol makes Zangi the lowest data consumer messenger on the market. If your internet is expensive or if you want to save on data, you can turn on the mode called: Low Data Usage for Cellular (LTE/3G/2G) and Wifi to consume minimum data during calls. Disable this mode for highest quality calls.

With Low Data Usage mode, you can talk up to 7 minutes while using only 1 MB of Internet data. Switch on/off Low Data Usage mode from your app SettingsLow Data Usage → Enable/Disable low data with Cellular use or Wi-Fi use.

About the Streaming Control Protocol Technology

Zangi-in-house-developed Streaming Control Protocol (SCP) was designed to replace Realtime Transportation Protocol (RTP) as a standard for online data transmission. SCP works by reducing the size of the payload format in order to carry up to 25% more data in IP networks on the same bandwidth.

The advantages provided by SCP include low bandwidth usage, smart Internet channel for data transmission, fast and smart recovery for lost packages, Internet Channel Quality-Adaptive system and a fully codec-independent platform.

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Hiding my online/seen status

To enable/disable your Online Status and “Seen” Status , go to your Zangi app SettingsPrivacy → enable/disable the Online Status and “Seen” Status. Disabling the “Seen” Status, disables this status both ways (for you and recipient).

Changing app language

To change Zangi messenger language, go to the app settings. Tap Zangi Language → choose your preferred language or choose Device Language (default). With the default language settings, Zangi follows the language of your phone. If you change the language of your phone to Spanish, Zangi will automatically be in Spanish.

Zangi is available in 14 languages (English, Russian, Armenian, French, Arabic, Filipino, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Thai, Ukrainian and Persian). If your preferred language is not in this list, Zangi app will be in English.

Changing ringtone & sounds

Go to app SettingsNotifications to enable/disable sounds, vibrations, banners and other notifications. You can enable/disable sounds for messages, groups and call sounds, vibrations or banners separately.

Changing the Ringtone

To change your ringtone go to: app SettingsNotificationsCall NotificationsSound → And choose either 1) Zangi’s Default Tone 2)Your Device Default Tone (the ringtone of your device). If you change your device ringtone, you can also have it changed on Zangi.

Enable orientation for left-handed

To enable/disable the left-handed orientation, go to your app Settings → choose Chats → enable/disable the Orientation for Left Handed feature.

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Show when I’m typing

To enable/disable the Show When I’m Typing setting, go to your app SettingsPrivacy → enable/disable the Show When I’m Typing setting.

Changing chat background

To change your chat background, go to your Zangi app SettingsChatsChat Background → choose one of Zangi backgrounds → or Choose from Photos to use your existing photos as a background.

To personalize and change the chat background for specific chats: go to the contact’s or group’s profile info → Chat Background.

Changing chat bubble color

To chat chat bubble color according to your liking simply go to your app SettingsChat Bubbles Color → choose blue or green.

Increasing text size

To increase or decrease text size according to your liking or needs simply go to your app SettingsText Size → drag the slider.

Storage settings

Your messages are saved locally on your device. Only you and the recipient can see the messages and files you send to each other. Your files are also saved locally.

For Android: You can find your files in your phone’s File Manager/Internal StorageZangi Folder.

For iOS: You can choose to enable/disable Autosave to Gallery, so your photos and videos are saved to your phone photo gallery.

Zangi does not store your messages on any servers, therefore Zangi nor other 3rd parties don’t have access to anything.

Using Zangi stickers

Open any chat → click on the sticker icon → you’ll see the variety of Zangi original emojis and Zangi stickers →tap on a sticker set you want to use to download it → start using Zagi original stickers once you download the package.

Zangi packages are chosen according to your location. You might have different amounts of sticker sets, depending on your country.

You can also configure your Sticker Settings from your application Settings. From app SettingsStickers → view or download Featured stickers, All stickers or change your region to see location-based sticker sets.

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Disabling GIFs autoplay

Go to your app SettingsChats → Enable/Disable Autoplay GIFs. By default it will autoplay when first registering.

What’s Network and Services?

You might have seen the sections: Network and Services in your app Settings, and you may have been confused as to why they’re there and if you need to join these Networks and Services or not.

Generally, don’t be concerned by these sections. These are invite-only groups within Zangi, setup by companies and communities who’ve purchased a Business Package from Zangi or by Zangi Partners.


The Network section is a list of Zangi business customers’ services you’re connected to. To be in a network, the Admin sends out invite links to their users/employees/members. By clicking on the invite link, you’ll be connected to the Network, and the new network name will be added in this section. To disconnect from a Network, you can do so from this same section.

Zangi Network is designed for all types of teams – from small communities, companies, organizations to government departments and NGOs –for all those who want to build a public internal communications system and for those who want to be completely private or incognito. If you want to create a Network on Zangi contact us.


The Services section is a list of which of our partner’s services you’re connected to. For example we have a couple of Partner Banks, to whom you can call for free via Zangi. To be able to use such services our partners usually have an invite link on their website. After clicking on the invite link, the new service will be added in this section with their name and info. To disconnect from a service, you can do so from this same section. To become a Partner: contact us at