The Fastest & Most Secure File Transfer

Zangi has deployed a 2X faster, unique and maximally secure way to transfer files, without leaving a trace.

Send full quality files and media with Zangi Messenger

Transfer Security: No Central
Points of Weakness

All encryption and decryption, as well as file dividing and rejoining happen directly on the devices, not on any servers, without any 3rd party interception.

End-to-End Encryption
All files are End-to-End Encrypted on the sender’s device, and only the receiver has the decryption key for the file. Zangi never has the decryption keys.


File Division for Added Security
For stronger security, files being transferred are broken down into multiple pieces, randomized, and all separately End-to-End Encrypted.

No Copies Saved on Servers
When you send a file on Zangi, your file goes through a temporary repository. And once it reaches the receiver, the file gets auto-deleted from the temporary depository forever.


One-time Secure Paths
All files being uploaded to the temporary repository are sent via one-time secure paths. And when being downloaded, they’re transferred once again with new one-time secure paths.

Transfer Speed & Reliability

Thanks to Zangi’s 5G-standard protocol, now anyone can send any-sized files 2 times faster. And never experience transfer interruptions, even during unstable, weak connections.


The Fastest File Transfer
With Zangi, always get flashing delivery speed, no matter the file-size or WI-FI/internet speed fluctuations.


Resume your Download
If something unexpected happens: your internet/WI-FI changes, your phone freezes, etc, you don’t need to start your download from scratch.


No File or Size Limitations
Users can send files in any format, with no size limitations. Just tap the paperclip icon in the app and select the file (files) you want to send.

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Available for IOS and Android