About Zangi

Zangi is the messaging app that works everywhere. Extremely low bandwidth usage allows you to make high-quality video and audio calls, send messages, and work collaboratively from anywhere with anyone.

The Zangi white-label softphone, based on our own streaming technology helps telecom firms offer the power of limitless connectivity to subscribers on their own terms. Zangi customers benefit not only from our VoIP softphone technology by our ios Softphone and android softphone as well. The Zangi team is at your disposal to customise your app to your needs and more.

The Zangi team aims to be at the forefront of technological development. Since our founding in 2009, our crew of experienced software engineers has worked to provide telecom firms with tech passes only the most rigorous testing before entering the market. Our drive for perfection has pushed us to develop our own next-gen highly secure, low-bandwidth communication software through our in-house streaming engine and highly secure SoftSwitch technology. Our application comes with all the customisable options necessary to run and scale any business communications network.

Satisfied with our Beta-testing results we decided to adapt our Zangi tech to the consumer market as well. The Zangi app went live in early 2015 for both android and iOS phones. We made sure that every aspect of our app is streamlined on both platforms. Thus our iOS dialer is identical to our Android dialer. Download Zangi now, and experience the most secure, seamless, and lightest messaging app on the market.

Zangi office