Zangi is a secure and private messenger platform that works everywhere. Extremely low bandwidth consumption allows you to make high-quality video and audio calls, send messages, and work collaboratively from anywhere to anyone.

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Platform for Business Solutions

Zangi offers business solutions powered with Zangi’s revolutionary streaming technology. Our highly scalable, robust platform features messaging app and softphone-extended capabilities in a flexible messenger business model. Our customers are virtual and GSM Mobile Network Operators, private companies, large scale corporations, Startup Businesses, Governmental Organizations - anyone who is interested in having their own branded private messenger platform & softphone solution.

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Our Team

The Zangi team aims to be at the forefront of technological development. The passion for challenges and innovation are our main drivers. Our passion for excellence has pushed us to develop our own next-gen highly secure, low-bandwidth communication platform through our in-house streaming engine and highly secure backed technology.

Zangi Team at Mobile World Congress

Zangi took part in the world’s largest Mobile World Congress in the telecommunications industry in Barcelona.

Solutions for Satellite Networks

Zangi platform provides the world’s lowest data consumption telecommunication solutions, which are on high demand especially in satellite networks.