Zangi for Business

Create your own messenger with custom-made features or create a private Virtual Network on Zangi’s modern messenger platform. We’ll help you build any business solution with features like text messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, group chats and more.

Create Your Own Decentralized Network

Create your Virtual Network to manage and monetize your network community and take full control over your business and data.

Your Own White Label Messenger

Create your own business-ready messenger with high quality features on Zangi’s full-scale Platform. Have it up and running within only 2 weeks.

Why Choose Zangi Messenger Platform?

Zangi decentralized messenger is already acquired by millions of users, because it’s known for having a multi-layer security system. Zangi ensures a 100% risk-free messenger for your business and provides high quality business-ready features in a short time to market.

On Zangi’s Messenger Platform You Can…

With Zangi, you can create your own community with Virtual Networks and have full control over your business and data. Or take your business a step forward and create your own messenger.
Zangi’s flexible and integrable platform already has all the features and functionalities of a modern messenger but you can also request to customize and transform it and make it your very own.

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