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A New Type of Security
Based on the Zero Trust Concept

The Zero-Trust Security approach is to trust no one. And to never assume that 3-rd party services are secure. That's why we give you a dedicated team communication app, which will belong only to you.

We'll give you complete ownership of your new mobile and desktop apps. The apps will use your verified certificates & will be hosted on your own servers/clouds.

Self-Hosted Apps are great for:

Any-sized Teams

HealthCare & TeleMedicine

Schools & Universities

Hospitality & Tourism

Government & Security Institutions

Legal & Professional Services

Non-Profit Organizations

FinTech, Digital Wallet & Remittance

How It Works

We’ll build you your own private mobile & desktop apps, fully secured under your company account.

The apps will be fully independent, without any 3-rd party connections or access. Also, we'll add your logo, colors, branding.

We'll deploy media servers on your side or cloud, separate from Zangi and other third parties. The system will work only with your IPs and domains.

Get your PRIVATELY distributed app, exclusively available and visible only to your team/ members. No one, besides your users, will have access to your app.

It’s only with Zangi Unique Solutions that your messages, files & calls will never pass through other company servers. Your security and communication will be in your own hands.

Custom Options

Upon Request

Effortlessly connect your private team communication app to your existing business phone (SIP), CRM and other systems that you already use.

Upon Request

If you have an internal network, you can use your app even without internet. Great to use in locations like: airports, public transport, cruise ships. schools, rural areas.

Upon Request

We give you the unique opportunity to add additional special security algorithms and keys into the source code.

What Makes Zangi Stand Out

Regular Solutions Our Solutions

If your solution provider IPs are closed or get blocked, will that impact you?

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Direct Impact

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No Impact

Can your solution provider hand out security keys to the government or other third parties?

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check mark icon Not Possible

Who has your data access and control?

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Data is only under your control

Is your private team communication app protected from interception on the internet, with end-to-end encryption?

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Encryption strength

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Full Military Grade End-to-End Encryption

More about Zangi Security →


Full-featured high quality team communication modern messenger apps for your team
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4+ member audio conferencing

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Low latency, no delays

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Works even in poor/crowded connections

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Rapid message & file delivery

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Text & group messaging

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HD, Clean audio & video calling

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In/Out VoIP terminations

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SIP integration

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Coming Soon

The 1st Future-Centric Data Protection
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250-member video conferencing

Great connection and performance is where Zangi stands out. With photo-realistic colors, and crystal clear voice, our high definition quality is second to none.

Team Pricing

Deployment/One-time fee


Setup fee $3K
We’ll provide exclusive changes and setup
your apps on your dedicated servers/cloud.

Fee per account per month

$30 $25 $20 $15 Negotiable

Up to 50 users

51 - 200 users

201 - 400 users

401 - 1K users

Over 1K users

Contact us for 20-day trial →

If billed annually and paid upfront, a 15% discount will be applied on all prices.
For volumes above 1K users contact sales for special pricing.

Special Pricing

Zangi is eager to support organizations that do good and for that reason we offer special pricing for qualified NGOs, governmental and educational institutions.

Large user base? Not a problem! If you are planning to host a large group of users contact us for special pricing.

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