A New Type of
Secure Team Communication

If you want to have a dedicated private team communication app independent from 3rd-party services, and separate even from Zangi's system — we have a solutions for you. Which will belong only to you.

We will give you complete ownership of mobile and desktop apps along with its communication data, hosted on your company servers. You’ll have a safe place for all your calls, messages and collaboration.

How It Works

Based on Zangi solution, we give you independent white label applications made specifically for you, with your logo and branding.

Depending on your preferences, your apps can be incognito or we can publish them for you on Google Play and the App Store.

We give you the unique opportunity to add special security algorithms and keys into the source code.

We deploy media servers on your side or cloud, separate from Zangi and other third parties. The system will work only with your IPs and domains.

You get a web dashboard for full management of your business and team.

What Makes Zangi Stand Out

Regular Solutions Our Solutions

If your solution provider IPs are closed or get blocked, will that impact you?

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Direct Impact

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No Impact

Can your solution provider hand out security keys to the government or other third parties?

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Not Possible

Who has your data access and control?

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Data access is shared

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Data is only under your control

Is your private team communication app protected from interception on the internet, with end-to-end encryption?

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Easy and Seamless

Effortlessly connect your private team communication app to your existing business phone, CRM and other systems that you already use.

Integrate your local SIP phone system to Zangi in just a few clicks, and have secure calls between mobiles and your business phone system.

Integrate your existing CRM to Zangi via API codes and transfer all your user data and information.

Integrate your existing CRM to the team communication app


Full-featured high quality team communication modern messenger apps for your team
Fast Messaging and secure private team communication app

Fast Messaging

Enjoy the fastest and the most secure messenger app in the world thanks to Zangi revolutionary technologies. Send messages, share photos, videos or any other files, record voice messages.

Share any file

Share Any File Type

Zangi supports all types of files. Send documents, presentations, videos and any other type of file without any limits.

HD Audio and Video Calls

HD Audio/Video Calls

Zangi keeps you securely connected in any network: from 2G/EDGE to noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks. Zangi has achieved a new revolutionary state: where Internet speed is irrelevant.

Group and private communication SuperGroups chat

Group Chats

Create safe group chats in Zangi. All messages are kept only on the devices of the group chat members. No copies saved in Zangi’s system.

)Low Data Usage

Low Data Usage

Designed to work with slow and crowded network connections, Zangi consumes less mobile data. Make HD voice and video calls for up to 7 minutes consuming only 1MB of bandwidth.

In/Out Voice Terminations

In/Out VoIP terminations

Integrate your own or any other third-party In/Out VoIP terminations.You can set different terminations depending on the country or country area code.

Upcoming features

Audio/Video Conferencing

Audio/Video Conferencing

With our revolutionary technologies we will achieve the best in the market quality for audio/video conferencing. Soon conference calls will feel like as if your colleagues are in the same room with you.

Channels/Broadcast groups

Super Groups & Channels

Use channels & super groups to send notifications, announcements, information, and communicate with a large group of users that can join and leave the channel at any time.



Build custom automated programs and use it straight from your chat. From getting news articles to making financial transactions, the possibilities are limitless.