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What You Get with Zangi

Zangi will create a Network for you, which will be integrated with your Telecom. And all delivered and received calls from your users will be with zero costs.

On top of that, your users will get a wide range of modern messenger features: instant messages, video calls, file sharing, group calls and more.


Leveling Up Call Quality

If you choose Zangi solution, you will get HD Transcoders for free. With this technology, voice calls to GSM will be in HD quality.

Very Low Initial Costs

Reach a new level of business competitiveness, with the advantages of low costs and impressive features.

Security with End-to-End Encryption

Your users will have secure conversations protected with End-to-End encryption — a feature that business customers love.

Corporate Customer Features

Zangi will give you the essential features for team communication — which will help you acquire more enterprise customers & achieve new business opportunities.

Endless Scaling Possibilities

Add an unlimited number of users. And scale-out your services endlessly, without limiting yourself to the borders of one country.

How It Works

Start by regestering your network for your virtual telecom

Get Access to the
The Web Dashboard

Start adding your users into your system through public links or link invites.

Integrate Your Telco
Over SIP

Setup is done one time for all network users. Connecting your phone system on the web dashboard is simple and straightforward.

Have your call button inside Zangi for your mvno
Connect the network and your telcom operator business over SIP

Get Your
Branded Apps

Use the Zangi app OR get your own branded apps, hosted by you & customized for you. With your name and branding.

Everything Ready
To Get Started

Straightaway, Zangi apps will be able to deliver and receive calls to and from your Telecom.

Your network setup ready to use and become a mobile network operator

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Zangi help me acquire new business partners?

By having features like group calls, group chats, HD call quality and other essential team communication features, you'll extend the value of your Telco, thus attracting new corporate customers and new partnerships.

How can my Telco optimize its costs & efficiencies with Zangi?

All delivering and receiving calls from your users will become cost-free with Zangi. Telcos can route all their on-net voice through the messenger-based system: replacing on-net SMS with IM, and all outgoing domestic and international off-net calls over SIP, and incoming voice via DID, reducing costs to zero.

What new services & features will I be giving my users?

With your Network, users will get great quality features they’re used to using PLUS market-winning low data consumption, HD voice quality, strong data protection and E2E encrypted messaging.

What does it mean to “Get Your Branded App”?

For expansion of your Telecom services, you can either use the Zangi app or get your own app (Branded App).
In the latter case, this means you can choose to customize this solution and match it to your brand, colors, with your Telco company name. We’ll make it look like the app was built by you, for you. Your solution can be hosted on Zangi’s cloud or on your premise or cloud. Publish the app on Google Play or the App Store or keep it for private use.

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Contact us for an individualized approach and solution, that will work best for your Telco company.