Why Low Data Usage is Important for Your Messenger App

Zangi vs WhatsApp

When it comes to the features we want with our messenger apps we look for voice/video call capability, interactive, smooth messaging interface, new features, emojis, etc… But how about working in slow networks which many of us experience. For instance, according to internetsociety.org in India the average mobile Internet speed is 1.12Mb/s, Nigeria has 1.15MB/s, in Bangladesh it’s 0.75Mb/s and this is all in the urban areas not the countryside with even more limited 2G/EDGE speed. Many central and southern African countries are using satellite Internet, because it’s technically and economically not viable to provide Internet in any other way. This makes Internet in those countries rather expensive and limits the speed greatly.

So if you constantly have to deal with slow networks, low data usage and apps that can operate smoothly with limited data, are the ideal features you should require for your messenger app. With all the slow and limited Internet, it all comes down to how many minutes of high quality voice call you can make using a single MB.

Zangi low data usageLow Data Usage


The first screenshot shows the amount of data (1.1MB) being used on a call through WhatsApp, which only 4.5 minutes. While the second screenshot is the same of a 7 minute voice call made with Zangi that took exactly 1MB of data.

Less consumption of megabytes does not only make efficient use of your Internet data but also adds quality to the voice call itself (much lower chances of disruptions, lags or delays).


The next question is, with all of this efficiency how many megabytes would a 10-minute call cost us varying between messenger apps?

Whether your Internet is slow or has a limited data plan (or even both), with Zangi you will consume less megabytes on voice calls and save them for browsing, video streaming, listening to music and social media.

Talking more than an hour per day using Internet voice calling with Zangi would spend around 200MB less than WhatsApp and 550MB less than Viber.

Zangi diagram

That’s a lot of data especially for a mobile internet connection; 550MB can give an average user around 10 days of browsing.

A messenger apps low data usage is not only an efficient tool, but also can be essential in countries like India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many others where Internet availability is often limited to 2G and/or limited amount of megabytes per month or day.

Zangi messenger app, through its low data usage, increases people’s access to global communication networks in countries where they might otherwise be severely limited.

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