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We are committed to change the world with our breakthrough technologies.

A New Age for Communications

We have developed a game-changer communication platform. Created with a new approach, we aim to revolutionize communications through our advanced technologies.

We are the initiators of decentralization in messaging. And we believe decentralization is the future of the internet and all modern communication platforms.

Zangi as a Front-Runner

- The World Leader in Data Consumption in Live-Streaming
- Peer-to-Peer Decentralized Data Management
- Own Private Repositories
- The First Safe Messaging App

Team on a Mission

Zangi is made up of amazing individuals — developers, engineers, quality assurance, product and project managers, designers, sales and marketing teams — all aimed to revolutionize communications and achieve greatness. Our talented and passionate team of 50 is driven by challenges and innovation and is enthusiastic about breaking through the market and becoming the next-generation decentralized communication platform.

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Are You Ready to Join The Revolution?

We are now open for Series A funding for investment in our profitable and successful business. Zangi, a blockchain competitor, offers various investment opportunities for everyone who wants to contribute their knowledge, experience, business contacts and financial resources for new and up-and-coming projects

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