Business Messenger Features

Zangi Business Messenger Platform is packed with all the messaging, voice and video call features you need to create a messenger that ideally fits your business model.

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Business messenger features list example messaging,
  • Instant Messaging and File Sharing

  • App to App Audio Calls

  • Low Data Usage Mode

  • Payment Gateways Integration

  • In/Out VoIP Termination Features

  • Callback Calls

  • Call Forwarding

  • User-Friendly Business Panel

  • SIP Gateways Routing Control

  • Multi-Currency Rates Support

  • Payment Gateways Integration Rates View with Multi-Currency

Business voice solutios with Zangi messenger platform
  • Multi-Level Encryption

  • Adaptive Audio Codec Support

  • HD Audio Codec Available

  • HD Video Codec Available

  • Calling cards Integration

  • Native Contacts Integration

  • Contacts Synchronization

  • Local Numbers Recognition

  • User Profile

  • User Online Status Support

  • Balance View with Multi-Currency

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