Use Cases for Communication Apps

Brand, Customize, Transform. Build your own messenger on Zangi Platform. Create any type of communication and collaboration solution. You can also have your own messenger for P2P payments via chat and other payment options.

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Build Your Own Messenger

Build your own messenger in 10 days without any programming skills. Instant messaging, group chat, voice and video calls, file sharing, stickers market, public channels, user groups and VoIP capabilities are available out-of-the-box. You can also request new features, and then take the full ownership of the development.

Integrate Your Mobile Wallet in Messenger

You can have your own messenger for P2P payments. Just integrate your digital wallet in your messenger and let your users receive, transfer and exchange money, cryptocurrencies or any type of digital currencies via integrated digital wallet.

Telecommunication Platform

Telecom service providers can take Zangi as a telecommunication platform to build cost-effective voice solutions for retail VoIP, DID, Roaming, and Satellite services. Zangi platform seamlessly integrates to telco infrastructure.

Over the Top Messaging Features

Applications for IT, FinTech, CRM, social networking, photo/video editors are mainly built around large user base, user engagement, interactive communication, and collaboration. It is much easier and cost-effective to take a full-scale messenger platform and build over-the-top features.

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