Low Data Usage

Zangi is the most economical app on the market. Make high quality calls for up to 7 minutes using a single Megabyte of bandwidth.

Minutes to talk on voice call while using 1 MB of bandwidth

Security and Privacy

Your privacy is our priority. Unlike others we do not store any of your data on any servers: not your messages, not even your contact information.

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Voice and Video Calls

Zangi calls are clean and uninterrupted thanks to our revolutionary technologies that use less bandwidth in the world and recover lost voice and video data.

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Fast and Private Messaging

Enjoy the fastest and the most private messaging in the world thanks to Zangi revolutionary technologies and serverless concept.

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Call Forwarding

How to get real roaming at a fraction of the cost? For a frequent traveller that is a very serious question.

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Almost no Internet? Even Zangi struggles to connect? You are ready to bite the bullet and pay that long-distance charge? Wait a second, Zangi has a solution for you.

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