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Lowest Data Usage Messenger

Designed to work with slow and crowded network connections, Zangi consumes the least mobile data. You can make voice and video calls for up to 7 minutes consuming only 1MB of bandwidth.

Minutes to talk on voice call while using 1 MB of bandwidth

secure messenger features

Private. Serverless. Communication

Here privacy is taken to another level. Communication history is never stored on any servers. The fully encrypted messaging app leaves no traces on the Internet whatsoever.

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hd voice and video mesenger features

HD Voice and Video Calls

Enjoy HD voice and video calls with anyone on Zangi messenger app and never miss even a word. Zangi recovers lost voice and video data to keep your communication going.

How to make calls with poor internet connection
best android messaging app for fast and private messaging

Fast and Private Messaging

'Enjoy Zangi's fast and secure messenger thanks to Zangi revolutionary technologies and serverless concept. Instantly send and share text messages, photos, and videos, voice, and video recordings, GIFs, or any other files.

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call forwarding messaging app for android

Call Forwarding

How to get real roaming at a fraction of the cost while traveling? As a cheaper alternative to expensive roaming charges, activate call forwarding and stay available for your loved ones.

How to activate call forwarding for low-cost roaming