Level Up Your Office
Phone System Capabilities

It's easy and only takes minutes to connect your business phone system to Zangi. There's no need to have additional server units, no need for separate SIP account setup for each user, and no special technical skills are required. It's that simple and straightforward.

Connect and instantly be able to make and receive secure calls from your mobile to your office phone. Save on external calling and expand with modern messenger features like group chat, video calls, file sharing, stickers and more.

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Great For:

Any-sized Staff

Police, Rescue & Military

Taxis & Transportation

Public Customer Services

Banks & Finance



Save Money

Save Money

Save on your phone bills. Make and receive calls through your business phone system, even when out of the office.


No Roaming Charges

No Roaming Charges

Save even more. Call from abroad and still be directly connected to your system, avoiding roaming charges.


Secure Conversations

Secure Conversations

All your calls and messages are protected with end-to-end encryption. Have a secure remote office phone system.


Your Own Network Business phone system

Your Own Network

You will get your own messenger network, where you’ll be able to control your users and activities and analyze statistics.


HD Voice Quality

HD Voice Quality

Thanks to Zangi’s advanced architecture, you can make HD outgoing and incoming voice calls via your business SIP/ VOIP phone system.


Modern Messenger Features

Modern Messenger Features

Enjoy a full suite of modern messenger features like group chat, video calls, stickers, file sharing and more.


Send Push Notifications

Send Push Notifications

Send custom notifications to all your team member from your dashboard’s “Notifications” tab.


A Special Button For Your Calls

A Special Button For Your Calls

All your users will have a dedicated call button for Network calls on their apps, with your company name. You can set up a name from the dashboard’s “Settings” tab.

How To Connect

Register your Zangi Network for free to attach your phone system

Get Access to
The Web Dashboard

Check statistics and team activity directly from an easy, user-friendly web dashboard.

Connect to Existing
SIP Phone System

Open the “SIP Trunks” tab in the dashboard, and easily set up and test your SIP connection.
In case of connection issues, please contact support@zangi.com.

Connect your existing SIP VOIP phone system by creating a SIP Gateway
Have your users install Zangi Messenger and connect to the mobile mobility services

Have Your Staff Install
Zangi Free Messenger

Have all your team download Zangi Messenger and make it your own team communication app.

Send Invite Links
to Your Staff

Open the “Invite Members” tab in the dashboard and invite your team by entering their phone number(s). No set up/configuration is needed. Users need to just click the invite link to join your network.

Send invite links to your users, inviting them to join Zangi SIP network
Be able to make and receive calls from your existing local office phone systems on your messenger and have Sip phone mobility

Your Team Mobile
Network is Ready

Users will already be able to make and receive calls from your existing local phone system on your messenger.

Used by Millions of Real Users

We have years of experience. Zangi gives you a reliable app, tested and in use by millions. After years of development and improvement we have achieved premium quality: technology that doesn’t drain your battery, modern UX/UI and messages that always deliver. Our app ratings speak for themselves:

Zangi's rating on Google play compared other sip phones and messengers

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It is completely free to try all the features of your own private and independent communication platform.

Zangi vs SIP Phones, Zangi vs Bria

Zangi vs SIP Phones

What are the advantages of using Zangi over SIP softphones like Bria? Bria and other SIP softphones are just calling apps and dialers, whereas Zangi is a full-featured modern messenger.

Are you a SIP Provider?

We’ll help you expand your business and give you a competitive edge with added mobility, premium messenger features & security to your services.

Zangi helps sip providers expand their business and give them a competitive edge

Team Pricing

Deployment/One-time fee


Setup fee $3K
We’ll provide exclusive changes and setup
your apps on your dedicated servers/cloud.

Fee per account per month

$30 $25 $20 $15 Negotiable

Up to 50 users

51 - 200 users

201 - 400 users

401 - 1K users

Over 1K users

Contact us for 20-day trial →

If billed annually and paid upfront, a 15% discount will be applied on all prices.
For volumes above 1K users contact sales for special pricing.

Special Pricing

Zangi is eager to support organizations that do good and for that reason we offer special pricing for qualified NGOs, governmental and educational institutions.

Large user base? Not a problem! If you are planning to host a large group of users contact us for special pricing.

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Contact us to create your own messenger solution, that will work best for your company or community.

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