Zangi Messenger Android 4.4.7 Update

Zangi Messenger Android 4.4.7 Update

We are here again to steal your attention and tell you about our new updated Zangi Android 4.4.7 version. We have lots of exciting news along with free animated GIFs and performance improvements. As of today, the latest Zangi Android version is available for download. Here is what has been added and changed in our latest Android 4.4.7 update Free… Read more →

create your own messaging app

Want To Create Your Own Messaging App? We’ve Got You Covered!

The mobile application industry is trending upward, and a big number of companies opt to have their own corporate messaging applications. The latter helps you to boost your profits, connect with your customers and inform them about your new products. A branded messaging app can serve as a bridge between you and your customers and help you build your community,… Read more →

Zangi iOS 4.3.8 Update

Zangi Messenger iOS 4.3.8 Update

We never get tired perfecting our Zangi Messenger and this time we came up with some great ideas and improvements to refine your experience with Zangi. Our team has been working hard to make sure you enjoy using Zangi features. Here is what has been added and improved in our latest iOS 4.3.8 update   Animated GIFs Is there a… Read more →

VOIP blocking

How to Bypass Blocking of VoIP Services

With the growing popularity of VoIP services (Voice over Internet Protocol), grows the number of countries restricting the service across the globe. It is done by putting up a firewall to prevent the traffic from passing through. The reasons countries like Saudi Arabia, China or Brazil do this vary from local laws, online censorship to the political climate. Yet, most… Read more →

Zangi iOS

Zangi Latest iOS Update: What’s New?

We’re proud to announce that Zangi latest iOS update (Version 4.3.6) comes with a much-improved user interface, experience and a lot of new features. You told us what you thought of our previous versions, we listened and implemented a large number of your requests. You can easily detect the changes in design, enjoy a more user-friendly interface and communicate using the… Read more →

Zangi Messenger New Features

New Features in Zangi iOS and Android Versions

We’re proud to announce that Zangi latest update comes with a much-improved user interface and experience. You told us what you thought of our previous versions, we listened and implemented some of your requests. Here are some of those updated features: 1. Reduce Data Usage for Cellular and Wi-Fi Networks Ever wondered why reducing data usage is important? Now you can turn on “Low Data… Read more →

secure communication by Zangi

Secure Communication Components of Zangi

Private and secure communication is one of the main priorities for Zangi Messenger. Thus, various steps are implemented continuously to neutralize security failures; SSL Failure Prevention SSL system ensures private and secure data transfer when using a website or application. And this relates to the entire Internet field, therefore a security gap can endanger the system thoroughly. On March 14, 2012, at… Read more →