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Solving the WhatsApp Problem in Healthcare | Create Your White Label TeleMedicine App

To adopt Telemedicine in their healthcare networks, many ACOS and hospitals are now understanding the risks of WhatsApp (and other popular messengers) insecurity. Therefore, they are looking for more telemedicine-specialized, highly private, and white label telemedicine app solutions, which is also HIPAA compliant.

What is the WhatsApp-problem exactly?

The problem lies in the unhealthy habit of choosing insecure WhatsApp to quickly communicate with colleagues, doctors, across units and even with patients. While messenger apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype might be easy and familiar video and messaging platforms, as many of us know they’ve had plenty of data breaches, third-party interception, government interference, and are not HIPAA-compliant.

Moving towards the development of Telemedicine and Telehealth, healthcare employees are finally choosing more professional and secure options. Another privacy trend in Telecommunication is self-hosting the communication system.

How to solve the WhatsApp problem?

The best way to solve the WhatsApp problem is to switch away from apps like Skype and WhatsApp, especially when communicating with patients. And instead, utilize secure TeleMedicine software, or even better get your own white label TeleMedicine app (creating your own communication app), to keep your conversations and data ultra-private and secure.

Benefits of Creating Your Own TeleMedicine Communication App

Creating your own White Label TeleMedicine app, means you don’t have to create your app from scratch. Instead, your organization can quickly get a ready-app, created by another company, but given to you under your brand name and customization. White labeling has become popular to save money and time since not many companies can afford to hire a big team of developers. In many cases, white-label apps are self-hosted by you. Benefits:

  • No Reliance on 3rd Party Systems

When delegating your data and privacy to global market leaders like Google, Facebook, Telegram or using TeleMedicine software, it means that any internal/external risk their system will directly impact your communication system. But with your white label telehealth app, when hosting on your own servers or cloud, no leakage or platform shutdown can put your communications or business at risk. Everything (data and conversations) will belong to you. In terms of privacy, that’s the maximum level – not relying on anyone else.

  • Secure Confidential Data

Have a solution that’s not only HIPAA compliant, but that also fully protects data. Secures all-important business data & confidential patient and healthcare information, and ensure that intellectual property and R&D information are kept safely within the company, by storing everything on your own company servers. Also, have strong encryption that’ll safeguard businesses of doctors and employees of healthcare and pharmaceutical.

  • Brand Recognition & Trust

Show your patients what they mean to you, by providing them with a value-add app that allows them to talk directly to you, without having to worry about security access codes or costs. Have patients choose you over other institutions, and have them trust and value your hospital/organization knowing you have your dedicated application, while others don’t. Having a branded, dedicated app adds professionalism to your name. And it’ll look like the app was built by you.

  • Improved Internal Communication Across Units

Simplify and accelerate the collaboration within teams and across units with your instant messenger. Go for low data white-label options, if your staff is often on the run everywhere. Have real-time communication where employees and doctors quickly address issues, directly coordinate activities and easily discuss topics. With a fast and reliable white label TeleMedicine app, response times are decreased, information is exchanged better with digital content (e.g. photos and videos), questions are directly solved and decisions are made faster within healthcare and pharma enterprises.

  • Patient Convenience

Nowadays, almost everyone prefers texting over calling and no one wants to wait in lines to ask a question, the same goes for patients and doctor visits. But if you have your own white label telemedicine app, your patients will have a chance to contact you and ask you any questions via direct messaging and calling. They’ll just have to search your name in the app marketplace and download your app.

  • Notifications

If you have news (or a warning message) to notify or announce to your patients or employees, you can share the news through your app directly and save money on advertisement and SMS.

  • Cost-effective

Building a white label messaging app will cost you less than developing everything yourself and will save you tons of time. You can get your busing-ready app in no time, and get ahead of your competitors.

  • Personalization

If you have your own branded messenger, you are able to provide a better personal experience to your patients. You can change features here and there, making it easier for your users. This will help you stand out among others by delivering a unique experience to your users.

How to create your own White Label TeleMedicine App?

How to make your own white label telemedicine app With the established white label messenger software – Zangi Solution: Get a telemedicine business-ready solutions fast, and fitted to your brand, hosted on your premise or cloud.

  • With Zangi, get your independent white-label TeleHealth application made specifically for you, with your logo, features, and branding.
  • Depending on your preferences, your apps can be incognito or published on Google Play and the App Store.
  • Add special security algorithms and keys to the source code.
  • Deploy media servers on your side or cloud, separate from Zangi and other third parties. The system will work only with your IPs and domains.
  • You get a web dashboard for the full management of your users and team.
  • Scale up to millions and billions of users and withstand high loads of activity with no problem.
  • Zangi keeps you securely connected in any network: from 2G/EDGE to noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks.
  • Designed to work with slow and crowded network connections. Make HD voice and video calls for up to 7 minutes consuming only 1MB of bandwidth.
  • Integrate your local SIP phone system to Zangi in just a few clicks, and have secure calls between mobiles and your business phone system. Call without roaming costs.
  • Integrate your existing CRM to Zangi via API codes and transfer all your user data and information.

More white label telemedicine apps to consider: SnapMD, ContinuousCare and

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