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How To Use A Messaging App In Your Marketing Strategy

Updated March 12th 2020
Now, more than ever, businesses and online marketers have more reasons to start using a business messenger app to boost sales and engage customers (messaging app in your marketing Strategy). According to Business Insider Intelligence, Messaging apps have surpassed social media in use and popularity.

This is especially the case for businesses in e-commerce and online retail sales. Business messenger apps  started out as an alternative to texting, but they have evolved into multifunctional apps with functions such as sharing content, making calls, playing games and ordering food through messaging. Businesses have started to integrate chat platforms, support services or bots to communicate with their users.

But they often don’t have the most important option, an option for users to also communicate with each other and create and engage in some kind of community. The best solution for your business marketing and your community engagement is to integrate a messaging app in your marketing strategy. And you can do so by easily creating your own messenger with White Labeling. 

Some messenger apps, like Zangi Messenger, provide White Labels. This means they give you a ready-platform on top of which you can build your business solution. Variety of high-quality features can be added to create any type of communication and collaboration solution (which belongs to you!).

What are the advantages of having your own messaging app in your marketing strategy?

Take Full Control!

You can take full control over who has admin permissions, you can create groups and more. It’s easy to send out notifications to your community, block users, monitor sales and expenses, have a look at statistics and manage and monetize using your management business panel.

Engaged User Base

With your own messenger, you can integrate all existing users, groups, channels, admins and more, and provide a platform for new users to connect to your community. Allow them to collaborate and engage through secure messaging, audio and video calls, group chats, file sharing and more.

Promote and Monetize

Have great news or a product to promote? You can send out notifications directly to your users or interested community. You can post promotions or content related to your brand, directly to your target without having to look for them from other platforms and social media. And with your own business messenger app you can make sales directly within your app!

Customize Everything

Customize and change whatever you want. Add features and functionalities according to your needs and wants for your specific business or community.

Be Sure That Your Confidential Info is Safe and Secure 

When communicating, businesses exchange very confidential information and data. With your own messenger, enterprises can create their private platform to fully ensure safe communication and no leakage can put your communications or business at risk. You can easily make your messages encrypted, so no one can access or read them. With Zangi’s White Label platform safety is always prioritized.

Why Pick White Labeling?

White labeling is a solution for businesses or entrepreneurs to fit the needs of their users/communities by providing a personalized product. With Zangi’s White Label you can directly put your label and logo on your own messenger and become an independent communication network. If in the past, you thought creating channels inside another messaging system, like Telegram or Viber was effective, think about what will happen to your data and user base if the server suddenly shuts down or is banned, or starts selling and leaking data.

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With White Labeling you…

Satisfy You Users

Your users will not even guess that your business messenger app has been white-labeled (created by another company). If you go for Zangi’s White Label solution, people will only see your company branding. And with such an app you company gains credibility and usability points.

Save Time and Resources

Developing your own messenger or any other application takes years, and hiring high-quality professionals is very costly. White labeling saves a great amount of developing time, resources, and the risk of your whole project development failing.

Receive a Risk-Free Process

With white labeling, you just pay for quality work. In the case of Zangi Messenger, you also get a serverless and highly secure system to keep your business data safe. If something goes wrong, the support team will take care of everything in no time.

Get a Contemporary User Experience Guaranteed

White labeling solutions are on a whole different level.  Besides being fully developed, they also have ready-developed content and interface elements to ensure you achieve your success with your messaging app in your marketing strategy. They test writing and design regularly, to save your organization time and money in the long run.

Get a Marketing-Friendly Messaging

Messaging applications have developed features and tools that marketers can use to their advantage. Such features are implemented them to improve customer service, increase website conversions, and generate a loyal following.   Interested in creating your own messaging app in your marketing strategy?

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