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When Zangi Beats GSM By Providing HD Uninterrupted Calls

Imagine a warm Sunday and perfect summer weather. You decide to take a day off from the stuffy, noisy city and enjoy nature with friends and family. Far from megalopolises that are the main hubs for cellular and internet connections, it is not surprising that it is often hard to stay in touch while in remote areas of a country. Very often, you cannot make HD uninterrupted calls because of a poor or even non-existent network connection.

For those who need to stay available despite the location, a day without a proper connection is like a disaster. To solve this problem, Zangi is not only offering you secure and highest-quality audio- and video calls with good internet connectivity, but we also guarantee secure and HD uninterrupted calls even when you are out of reach. The most recent experiments have shown that Zangi has already surpassed GSM. It made it possible to make a high-quality call in an area of high altitude, 2000 meters above the sea level, where the usual GSM connection failed. Moreover, the call was made with a poor 2G internet connection.

Zangi was the only application that ensured a strong connection out of all its large competitors: WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber. In such poor internet conditions, Zangi was the only solution on such a high level of elevation. Coming a long way of development and improvements, Zangi has already reached the point where it beats its major competitor – the GSM connection that is so common and habitual to people around the world. However, due to habit, people still rely heavily on GSM; however, technological advancements such as Zangi are the new-generation communication methods that provide a better connection, higher security, and premium quality.

Winning over GSM in big cities where the regular cellular network is usually not a problem, Zangi has made another large step towards a final victory over the traditional communication method by expanding its availability in areas where GSM connection is not an option. So, as the only application providing a premium connection in such adverse conditions, Zangi is truly outplaying its competitors. When everything else fails, Zangi is your solution.

With us, you don’t have to worry about being out of touch with the rest of the world even on your longest and farthest trips. Enjoy the holidays, nature, and share your best moments at any time with Zangi!

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