Now that’s what we call Video Quality!

Zangi HD Video Call


How to tell which screenshot is Zangi without reading the caption? Simple. Just check which one looks better.

Our users will recognize their app instantly. Because they are used to seeing Zangi HD Video Calls every day.

But our team never stops. We have made our Video Chat even better than it was. In this new release colour saturation, sharpness and overall impression are fully photo-realistic. And, together with all those improvements, Zangi will use even less bandwidth and give better video quality for slower Internet connection.

If you are still using older versions then it is time to upgrade now. If you are not a Zangi user yet, please take a look a this screenshot, read customer feedback in AppStore and Google Play and… get Zangi. It’s free.

Download Zangi Version 3.6.0 for iOS and Version 2.0.1 for Android.

The screenshot above is taken with the latest version of Zangi.


btn-iOS.en  btn-android.en



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