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Streamline Your Bot Development with Zangi Chat System | Zangi for Chatbots

Development of the increasingly popular automation tool – Chatbots – is emerging as a highly promising solution to streamline workflows and automate tedious tasks.

For the development of a bot, your primary focus is to analyze input data and provide accurate outputs. However, if you also need to create a chat system to enable the use of the bot, you will need to delve into developing interactive communication systems, establish a data transfer protocol, or resort to using potentially unreliable open-source options.

This is where Zangi chat system comes in – we take care of the chat system development so that you can focus on developing your bot. 

We’ll handle the chat part.

You develop your chatbot and we will give you a robust, reliable, scalable messenger system to put your bot on top of.

Zangi Business solutions will help easily integrate your bot with the chat system without the need for extensive expertise in chat development or extra expenses building it.

Zangi for Chatbots Integration with api or sdk

Why choose Zangi for Chatbots?

Ready Chat system: Easily link your existing chatbot to an all-inclusive chat system by Zangi to get ready modern messaging features, no additional  technical team or extra work needed. Zangi chat system is the best choice for you if you don’t have the required skills or valuable time and resources to build the chat from scratch.

Field Expertise: Zangi has been making chat apps for years. Their technologies have been the foundation of numerous chat solutions for private communication, social media, financial & crypto, start-ups, etc. with over million-user databases. And they have continuously expanded to cater every aspect of enterprise communication by developing bringing top notch features. 

Features: With years of experience in the messaging field, and with all foundation chat features tried, tested, and perfected:

  • fastest encrypted messaging and file transfer in the market
  • high quality audio and video streaming
  • low bandwidth consumption, all powered by Zangi Streaming Control Protocol,

Your chatbot development can quickly be leveraged with Zangi’s ready chat system and its technological advantages. 

Building a chat system with Zangi for Chatbots will:

Substantially reduce development costs
 Substantially reduce your time to market
Guarantee a risk-free process

For a complete overview of prices and features, reach out to us for a quote.

Easy and Seamless Integration with Zangi

  • Let us know what features you expect from the chat system

Features include, but are not limited to:

  • instant messaging,
  • group chat,
  • voice and video calls,
  • file sharing,
  • stickers market,
  • public channels,
  • groups,
  • user groups,
  • and VoIP capabilities are available out-of-the-box. 

You can also request new features, and then take full ownership of the development. 

  • Integration process

Give us your SDK or API to plug your bot on top of Zangi white label messenger platform or purchase the source code access for direct integration.

  • Incorporate your branding

Set up your own branding, including UI branding, their logo, colors, splash screen, icons, background, colors, intro text, invite friends text, etc.

These basic branding elements will give the chatbot a personalized feel and look. It will look like the chat system was created by you. And Zangi will not add their logo anywhere, and will never publicly mention their client names, so Zangi’s origin will not be visible anywhere.

  • User communication secured

If security is important for your chatbot or business, Zangi has top-class security options.

Zangi provides 3 levels of encryption: encrypted proprietary handshaking mechanism (provided by default); dynamic channel encryption (encrypts each session and is provided by default); end-to-end encryption (optional, listed in Extra Features).

  • Highly scalable 

Whether your small team or a huge community will be using the chat system, there will be no problems.

Zangi-made Binary XMPP protocol for Signaling is 5X more lightweight than other protocols, and it’s highly scalable, meaning an unlimited number of users can use it at the same time.

  • Risk-Free

If something goes wrong, or if you need support with changes or troubleshooting, Zangi will continue supporting you with the chat system.

Take action and contact us today to see how we can help integrate your bot with a chat system. Fill out the form (Zangi for Chatbots) below or drop us an email at


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