Zangi vs Skype

Zangi vs Skype (part 2)

When the internet connection is strong enough, Skype’s audio and video quality is rather good; it uses enhanced codecs and HD voice that together make video calls very crisp. Zangi, however, provides the same, and often higher, quality of image and sound while requiring a fraction of Skype’s bandwidth use. The pictures above show a side-by-side comparison of Zangi vs Skype video call made through Skype (left) and Zangi (right) on a very slow airport WiFi connection.

Usually, 9 Kbps is enough to make a high-quality audio call, as would be in the case of ultra-low internet (2G/EDGE) or overloaded Wi-Fi, when you will even be able to make video calls. In poor conditions, Skype compresses the speaker’s voice and the surrounding sounds, producing an unnatural, poorly transmitted voice on the other end of the line, while with Zangi, the audio quality is excellent no matter what the internet conditions are.

As for video quality, Zangi’s color saturation and sharpness of image are far more natural and true to reality, making the entire conversation appear much better. And so in this category as well, Zangi takes the lead ahead of Skype, offering superior call quality and speed. At this point, we can seriously question the decision to choose a popular app over a new one – let’s see how else the two compare.

Zangi vs Skype Features

With regards to available features, Skype stands out amid the other apps with its group video calling and group chat, as well as screen sharing. Skype has historically developed as a desktop client first, then a mobile one, so the abundance of additional features that are not exactly necessary in a mobile app is easily explainable.

In Zangi vs Skype, Zangi doesn’t provide any of these features yet, but it does have a different set of features that were developed, like the rest of the app, with mobile in mind. Using Zangi, one can use the app to substitute a mobile operator, with features such as call-forwarding and Call Back.

To use call-forwarding, just read the article “Why we love Zangi call forwarding, and you should too!”

Cross-platform Compatibility – it’ll run on your kettle

Because Skype was initially created as a desktop application and within several years became highly popular among users, its reach in terms of different platforms is far. Skype can be downloaded for Windows machines, Macintosh, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Linux, Xbox, Play Station, PSP, Amazon Fire Phone, various smart TV’s, Android and iOS. Zangi is a very young company compared the giant that Skype is, and needs more time to gain popularity for cross-platform integration.

As of today, Zangi is available on iPhone and Android devices. We do believe in what we pour our heart in making an amazing, comfortable and effective communication app. Very soon we will know if we were right.

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