Create Your Own WhatsApp [Infographic]
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Create Your Own WhatsApp [Infographic]

Here is a cheat-sheet for you if you are planning to create your own WhatsApp messenger. Bear in mind that the entire process takes months and it requires big resources. But before you give up, we offer you a short way of getting what you need in one or two weeks.


1. Decide what you need

First of all, before you create your own WhatsApp, you have to decide what kind of messaging app you need for your business or personal use. Then you have to decide what kind of problems it will solve.

create messenger step 1

2. Layout the features

Start brainstorming. Put your ideas down. Describe all the features you want for your app in detail. Pass your ideas to designers and developers.create messenger step 2

3. The almighty design

Make sure you design an appealing and easy-to-use interface for your messaging app. Almost all modern messaging apps attract people thanks to their appealing and simple interface.create messenger step 3

4. Find talented designers and developers

Spare no expense and effort to gather a team of professionals who can build the app of your dreams. You either hire people to work for your company or you hire freelancers for this single project.create messenger step 4

5. Test your app

Start testing your messaging app. Work to improve the imperfections before you launch the app.

create messenger step 5

6. Launch the app

If everything is functioning, it is time to release your messaging app in the market.create messenger step 6Keep on improving your app and eliminating the bugs. Make sure you update your app to provide a better user experience.


What if you choose Zangi White Label solution? 

1. Decide what you need

Describe the core idea of your messaging app. What kind of features and interface do you prefer? What will your messaging app serve?create your own whatsapp with zangi step 1

2. Contact Zangi

Once you have made up your mind, lay back and let our teamwork on your idea. You get to create your own WhatsApp (the business-ready product) in a short period of time.create your own whatsapp with zangi step 2

3. Create Your Own WhatsApp

We are sure that wasting your precious time on creating your own WhatsApp is not worth it. Instead, save your time and money and go for Zangi White Label solution. You can contact us by sending a letter to

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