Author: Raffi Elliott

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From Smoke Signals to Zangi: 5 Major Telecom Innovations

Today, Zangi users know how easy it is to make uninterrupted voice and video calls around the world on any bandwidth. However, life wasn’t always this easy. Telecom innovations have come a long way since our medieval ancestors mastered the use of carrier pigeons as a means of transmission. Though we know that ancient humans used smoke signals, or fire beacons… Read more →

What will the Future of Mobile Internet Look Like?

What Will the Future of Mobile Internet Look Like?

The transistor radio took 30 years to extend its reach around the World. Transistor technology revolutionized the way we communicate. Radio spawned a cultural phenomenon of its own over the span of several decades. Thousands of amateur enthusiasts experimented with two-way or shortwave radio. Radio-novellas became all the rage. The smartphone managed to dominate the market in only 3 years.… Read more →

How a silicon-valley startup is helping mobile carriers stand up to WhatsApp

How a Silicon-Valley Startup is Helping Mobile Carriers Stand Up to WhatsApp

Does anyone text anymore? WhatsApp helped turn SMS-based communication from a global cultural meme to “spam collector” in the space of a mere decade. Telecom companies have experienced a drastic 25% drop in SMS revenues in the last 5 years alone. WhatsApp now handles over 60 billion messages a day, and they aren’t finished. The popular IM app’s entry into… Read more →