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secure communication by Zangi

Secure Communication Components of Zangi

Private and secure communication is one of the main priorities for Zangi Messenger. Thus, various steps are implemented continuously to neutralize security failures; SSL Failure Prevention SSL system ensures private and secure data transfer when using a website or application. And this relates to the entire Internet field, therefore a security gap can endanger the system thoroughly. On March 14, 2012, at… Read more →

How Free Messenger Apps Make Money

How Apps Make Money ? Messengers

How Apps Make Money – Free Messaging Apps How apps make money? We all use free messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Zangi or Viber to communicate with our friends and family. The messaging services we receive (like voice and video calls, instant messaging, file sharing) are quite free and those are the core services and features those companies provide. Obviously, it would be… Read more →

Zangi Leaves No Traces of User Data

How to Remove Personal Info From the Internet?

Today we all use different applications, software, social media, and communication tools and our daily activities are preserved in those platforms. From that perspective, people must have the right for complete or partial erasure of their information, without leaving traces in any database. But how to protect or remove personal info from the Internet?     1. Search Engines Because we… Read more →

5 Most Secure Messenger Apps 2017

Five Most Secure Chat Apps 2017

All the power and capabilities we get with today’s technology comes at a considerable cost; risk of information security and privacy concerns. Every time we send a photo, make a call and even text a friend, that data is being stored somewhere. On the other hand, this information is supposedly designed to be available only to the parties involved in… Read more →

Zangi at Mobile World Congress 2017

Everything You Should Know About Mobile World Congress 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017 will be taking place in Barcelona from February 27 – March 2. Mobile World Congress or MWC is the largest global event held annually in the mobile industry; hosting massive exhibitions, award-winning conferences, outstanding networking opportunities, partner programs, the Glomo Awards and much more.   Mobile World Congress has been held annually since 2009. In 2011… Read more →

5 Best Messenger Apps with the Least Data Usage

5 Best Messenger Apps with the Least Data Usage

Having the least data usage feature is one of the most prominent and essential goals for many messenger applications. This feature is especially vital in countries with a limited or slow Internet connection as well as in crowded areas such as airports, shopping malls, festival locations. Considering these circumstances are quite common in everyone’s life and a low data usage feature… Read more →

5 Ways to Make Money Through a Free Messenger App

5 Ways A Free Messenger Can Generate Revenue

Ever wondered how a messenger can generate revenue if it is completely free? Or how is it possible to create a globally competitive messenger application and start a business without having a separate team to develop software or application? Well, it’s quite simple! There are companies, such as Zangi which offers the White Label Softphone solution. The latter enables you… Read more →

Zangi vs WhatsApp

Why Low Data Usage Feature is Important for Your Messenger App

When it comes to the features, we want for our messenger app, we start seeking a voice and video call capability, interactive or smooth messaging interface, funny and cool emojis or other features. But how about using these features while having a slow internet connection? According to Internet Society, in India, the average mobile Internet speed is 1.12Mb/s, 1.15MB/s in Nigeria or 0.75Mb/s… Read more →