Why We Love Zangi Call Forwarding (And You Should, Too!)


Are you a frequent traveller? Sent huge phone bills on return? Then download Zangi and say goodbye to huge roaming bills.

Nowadays consumers are given a vide range of opportunities to choose alternatives for mobile roaming. Zangi offers you the best option to avoid spending your month’s budget on your phone bills and instead keep in touch with your family members and loved ones while being abroad.

So here is how Zangi call forwarding feature can be the BEST alternative to roaming.

First of all, download and get Zangi (if you don’t have it yet) from AppStore or Google Play. Then tell your friends and family to get Zangi as well. It’s free anyway. Now, when abroad, get a local SIM card… Many people find it very inconvenient as they don’t want to loose important calls to their main number while traveling, but unfortunately there is no way not to loose calls because of high roaming prices. I would agree with you, but…umm..  For a Zangi user it’s not a problem already!

Well, after getting a local SIM card go to ‘Call Forwarding’ and tap on ‘Add new Number’ in Zangi app. Enter your new local number and activate (see screenshots on the top of this post). When traveling and changing the main number to a local one, you can add and activate the number in this section. In the absence of Internet Zangi-out incoming calls to your registered Zangi number will be forwarded to the activated local number , and your incoming calls will be free. There is no need to inform about the number change.

Just don’t forget to deactivate your forwarding when you are back to your home country.

It’s done and problem solved!

P.S. Later on, this month we will provide detailed comparison of Zangi and local telecom company’s’ price list to see the vivid difference! So keep up reading our Blog!


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