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Nearly all messengers now offer have some sort of secure encryption, mainly End-to-End Encryption.  

But to ensure personal data privacy & full protection from employees, hackers, service providers or even government officials , these messaging apps would need additional features and privacy measures, such as no phone number registration, offered by Zangi Messenger. 

What is End-to-End Encryption? Isn’t it enough?

End to end encryption definition zangi messenger

While many secure messaging apps use end-to-end encryption, they can still collect data about you, called metadata. This includes info like who you talk to, what you talk about, for how long, on what device, your IP, email and phone number. Zangi No-Trace Messenger does not keep any data on any servers.


Compatible operating systems: Android, iOS

Price: Free

many apps collect metadata or are not protected enough against data leakage

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How to choose a secure messaging app

A security article by Forbes says, Do your research. End-to-end encryption should be a no-brainer for those who care about the security of their communications. Customers should pay attention to the technologies used, the policies of the service provider, their advanced security features, the company’s mission, its track record and ownership. Here are some of the key pointers to look for:

  • Encryption by Default
  • Zero-knowledge/ No backdoors
  • No profiling, Data Protection 
  • Beware of the cloud 
  • No advertising 
  • Have a look at Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • No Phone Number Messaging app
  • No address book access
  • Open Source
  • Self-Destructing Messages
  • Secure Calling


The Messenger ZANGI achieves personal data privacy by:
  1. Registration WITHOUT phone number or email
  2. No personal contact sharing
  3. Zangi DOOES NOT collect and save users’ personal data and other information on its/any servers
  4. No trace communication, no profiling
  5. All communication data (messages, files, images, etc.) are stored ONLY on the users’ devices
  6. Default Military-grade End-To-End encryption for texting, file transferring, voice & video calls

Upon registration you will get a private, secret number to keep you anonymous.   


randomized private number upon zangi registration

ONE-STEP Registration (One button)

To register you won’t be asked to fill out your personal phone number or email, simply tap on the register button. The No Phone Number Messaging app will generate a unique Secret Zangi number for you, which you can use to connect with friends. 

  register on zangi no phone number registration messaging app

Download: Android, iOS

Price: Free  


Not needing a phone number for registration means your device doesn’t even need to have a SIM card. No one (including data collectors, insiders, hackers, governments, surveillances and even the Zangi app) can find anything about you. You’ll be using the app without any traces. You can even create multiple accounts on one device. 


noo sim card required No Phone Number Messaging app zangi


A no phone number messaging app opens the opportunity to have private NO-TRACE work or personal conversations. No need to share your email address or phone number. Have free private chats and calls with individuals, work-contacts, family, your private groups, communities. 


  • Because some messengers collect data about users.
  • For most others, phone registration is the easiest way for the most number of users to sign up and connect to their apps.
  • They prefer more business

Zangi is known to be a new era private messaging app. You can create groups, have secure calls and messages, fastest file transfer have audio conference calls, and even premium 1000-user calls on Zangi. 

Zangi Messenger for Poor Internet Connections & Crowded Wifi

Zangi Numbers | What is a Zangi Number & how to use it?

Zangi new registration. What’s a Zangi Number?

Download Zangi

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