how to make your own app for telemedicine
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How to Make Your Own App for TeleMedicine

With the established white label messenger – Zangi Solution. Make your own app for TeleMedicine and get your business-ready solutions fast, and fitted to your brand, hosted on your premise or cloud.

  • With Zangi, make your own app for TeleMedicine, made specifically for you, with your logo, features, and branding.
  • Depending on your preferences, your apps can be incognito or published on Google Play and the App Store.
  • HIPAA-compliant security
  • Your patients will have a chance to contact you and ask you any questions via direct messaging and calling.
  • Add special security algorithms and keys to the source code.
  • Deploy media servers on your side or cloud, separate from Zangi and other third parties. The system will work only with your IPs and domains.
  • Make your own app for TeleMedicine and get a web dashboard for the full management of your users and team.
  • Scale up to millions and billions of users and withstand high loads of activity with no problem.
  • Zangi keeps you securely connected in any network: from 2G/EDGE to noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks.
  • Designed to work with slow and crowded network connections. Make HD voice and video calls for up to 7 minutes consuming only 1MB of bandwidth.
  • Integrate your local SIP phone system to Zangi in just a few clicks, and have secure calls between mobiles and your business phone system. Call without roaming costs.
  • Integrate your existing CRM to Zangi via API codes and transfer all your user data and information.

 Secure TeleMedicine 101: Self-Hosting your TeleMedicine App

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