Hot to Get Secure Communication in Banking Industry & Finance Sector
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Hot to Get Secure Communication in Banking Industry & Finance Sector

In the evolution of finance and banking: mobility, security and messaging are becoming very important concepts to invest in. Data protection regulations, as well as industry regulations (FINRA, MiFID II, and GDPR) all require to have business-related secure communication in banking industry companies on a safe and reliable platform.

Also, mobility and remote-friendliness 一 the rising trends 一 have created important opportunities for improved communication and collaboration in the finance and banking sectors. 

What Platforms are Banks & the Finance Services Looking for? 

Considering all this, finance services and banks are looking to invest in tools/a platform that will improve and modernize their communication, add mobility, and most importantly be fully secure.

The platforms they’re moving towards ideally combine these needed qualities [mobility, modernazation, security] in one system.

An Enterprise Messaging Platform: for Banks & Financial Organizations

Zangi, an enterprise-class messaging platform, gives a platform for secure communication in banking industry to improve communication and reduce the risk of data loss or security breaches. This enterprise messenger platform solves the 3 main needs of bank communication:

Solves #1. Internal communication security, ease of use and mobility

This platform provides bank team members (employees) with a powerful compliant messaging platform built to meet the financial sector’s unique needs and challenges. Your company’s office phone system connects to the team communication app provided to you. This means the team can call via their smartphones from anywhere, roaming-free.

Solves #2. Call Center customer-friendliness, security & quality

Anyone can join the Bank Network on Zangi app and make protected (with military-grade encryption) calls with HD quality.

Solves #3. Cutting calling/communication costs for customers  and the bank

When joining the Bank Network on the Zangi app all calls to the Call Center will be for free. And the bank community (internal communication) will be for free too. Contact us to learn how to fit this communication app to your company.

Enterprise messaging 101. Why you need enterprise messaging apps for business communication?

Some more advantages of this platform are described in more detail:

Zangi Platform Advantages

Military-Grade Encrypted Calls & Messaging

Advantage for Enterprise #1

Military-Grade Encrypted Calls & Messaging

Zangi uses 3 levels of robust encryption (including end-to-end encryption), securing the entire journey of calls and messages from start to finish, and during transport. Encrypted data transmission ensures secure file sharing and protects confidential data from falling into the wrong hands.

Zangi servers contain no user communications, thus eliminating the possibility of monitoring, intruder entry, or backdoors leading to your personal data from anyone including Zangi themselves. Moreover, you can choose to host the app on your own company servers or cloud.

Secure Communication in Banking Industry for Bank Employees & Teams

Advantage for Enterprise #2

Secure Communication in Banking Industry (for Bank Employees & Teams)

Zangi enables employees to instantly and easily chat with each other in order to close deals and discuss important client matters on the go.

For bank employee-use, Zangi gives banks a system for secure communication in banking industry. And banks get to host this communication system on their company servers/cloud for their private use. The bank messenger will not be published on the Apple Store and Google Play Market and will only be privately available for employees or members.

This system easily integrates with the bank’s office PBX (phone). By connecting the two, employees will be able to make and receive secure calls from their mobile to the office phone and vice versa, protected with end-to-end encryption.

Free Calls to Call Centers for Customers

Advantage for Enterprise #3

Free Calls to Call Centers (for Customers)

With Zangi, customers don’t have to pay a cent for their calls and call security to Call Centers. Anyone can join the Bank Network on Zangi and can make calls via the messenger to the Call Center for free. Calls via the messenger will also be strongly protected with military-grade encryption and call quality will be HD.  Ask us how this works

Dramatically Reduce Calling Costs 

Advantage for Enterprise #4

Dramatically Reduce Calling Costs 

Save on company phone bills by making calls from outside the office on your mobile. The integration of the Zangi communication system to your company office phone system is done very easily.

No Roaming Charges

Advantage for Enterprise #5

No Roaming Charges

Call from abroad and still be directly connected to your communication system, avoiding roaming charges. And also have customers/ partners save on roaming if they’re calling to your office from another country.

HD Voice Quality

Advantage for Enterprise #6

HD Voice Quality

Zangi’s advanced architecture has made possible HD outgoing and incoming calls via your business phone system. So that will make all bank calls via the app, HD as well.

Improved Control and Secure Communication in Banking Industry

Advantage for Enterprise #7

Improved Control

Banks and financial organizations will get total control over messaging and calling accounts and the transfer of information within the institution.

Hosting & Customization of Banking Communication app in financial sector

Advantage for Enterprise #8

Hosting & Customization

Banks can choose to host their services on Zangi’s system, on their own servers or cloud, or get their own white-label app (with their branding and customization).

Jump-start your transition to intelligent enterprise communication 

Zangi has provided solutions for multiple banks and financial services already. When working with these clients, Zangi has been able to make its solutions more fitted to meet the sector’s needs and challenges in both external and internal communication. To jump-start your transition to a modern system for military-grade secure communication in banking industry,  contact us

Q&A | How To Integrate Your Mobile Wallet With A Messenger

How It Works | How to Get Started

Zangi Solutions helps banks and fiance companies quickly and easily extend banking services to an instant messaging and calling platform –by providing a system for secure communication in banking industry. How it works is:

  1. Zangi can provide your company with a modern messenger communication system to host on your own servers. This app will get your logo and name and will be fully yours.
    Read More | Contact Us
  2. Your Bank can create a Network on Zangi app called “Services” and anyone can join this Network to call your Call Center for free.
    Contact Us
  3. Zangi gives your company a communication app that connects to the office phone system. This means the team can call within the system via their smartphones from anywhere, roaming-free.
    Read More | Contact Us

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