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Create Your Own Social Network App | White Label

If you want to create your own social network app, to use for social, business, or communicating purposes, Zangi helps build such apps in a matter of days. 

Over the years of providing white-label apps to different companies /communities, Zangi has been able to add so many out-of-the-box customizations and features to the apps. Some of the most popular customizations include adding social networking features and interfaces, channels, and groups.  Zangi’s latest project was an app for a client that came out to be a LinkedIn – Whatsapp – Tinder app in one. The end result was pretty impressive and fitted this company’s business idea like a glove.

All programming, publishing, and deployment of your apps are done by Zangi. While the idea and vision come from you. 

How to Create Your Own Social Network App in 2 Steps

1. Decide what you need

Create Your Own Social Network App with zangi step 1

Describe the core idea of the social networking app you envision. What kind of features and interface do you want?

2. Contact Zangi (email: Create Your Own Social Networking App with zangi step 2

Once you have made up your mind, lay back, and let our teamwork on your idea. Have Zangi create your own social network app in a short period of time.

What kind of apps can Zangi create for you?

1. Create an app like Tinder

Create an app like tinder

Create your own social network app for dating, which marries Zangi’s superb-quality messaging & calling tech with meeting new people. Features you can get: 

  • add your company colors, custom features, and logo
  • create profiles with the details, such as profile pic, relationship status, a brief description
  • search engine functionality based on the filters, such as gender, location, hobbies
  • have ultra-secure conversations via chats calls, and video calls
  • communicate without giving out personal info (email, number)
  • get special numbers, if requested
  • block users set restrictions
  • more features upon request

2. Create an app like WhatsApp / Zangi create an app like whatsapp

Create your own social network app for messaging and calling, with Zangi’s military-grade encryption, high scalability, and unique technologies. Features you can get: 

  • messaging, voice/video calling, file sharing, group chat
  • add your company colors, custom features, and logo
  • publish on Google Play or the App Store
  • can be hosted on our cloud or on your premise or cloud
  • scale up to millions and billions of users
  • integrate your own or any third-party In/Out VoIP terminations
  • all your calls and messages will be protected with end-to-end encryption
  • add your own stickers to engage users or monetize
  • more features upon request

3. Create an app like LinkedIn create an app like linkedin

Create your own social network app for networking. A perfect platform for finding investors, partners, leads, fellow co-works, and experts from your same field. Features you can get: 

  • create user profiles with details like name, picture, occupation, etc
  • connect with people, expand your network, find investors, leads, employment
  • end-to-end encrypted messaging, audio/video calling, and file & media transfer
  • targeted searches, advanced search filters
  • receive and send notifications
  • have HD-quality conference calls
  • more features upon request

4. Create an app like Telegram Channels create an app like telegram channels

Create your own social network app for networking, with channels, for broadcasting your public messages to large audiences. Directly send notifications to a large scale of subscribers. Features you can get: 

  • create private or public channels
  • charge for subscription or create free channels
  • admin features, like add/remove admins, create robust permissions, find out how many people viewed your message, 
  • admins can: change group info, post messages, edit messages, delete messages. add subscribers
  • send military-grade encrypted messages and notifications
  • add your company colors, name, and logo
  • more features upon request

5. Create an app like Slack create an app like slack

Create your own social network app for team communication. Get complete ownership of the apps, and keep your team’s data and communication completely safe by self-hosting. Features you can get: 

  • self-hosted
  • the system will work only with your IPs and domains
  • add your logo, colors, branding
  • visible only to your team/ members or have the app public if you’d like
  • connect your app to your existing business phone (SIP), CRM, and other systems
  • add additional special security algorithms and keys into the source code
  • 4+ member audio conferencing
  • works even in poor/crowded connections
  • low latency, no delays
  • HD, Clean audio & video calling
  • more features upon request

Why Choose Zangi for your Social Network Apps

Zangi is one of the most secure and high-quality communication app builders. It helps you create an app, in a couple of days, risk-free. Without the need to hire your own team of web & mobile developers, designers, quality engineers, or renting office space. 

Ready in a Short Time to Market

  • The app by Zangi has been tested and used by millions of real users.
  • Save valuable time and resources and avoid all possible risks, by choosing a tried-and-true solution.
  • Be up and running on the marketplace in days’ time.

Fit Your App to Your Business

  • Have a top app of your own.
  • Create your own app & customize your solution, add features, and match it to your brand.
  • Zangi will make it look like the app was built by you, for you.

Highly Scalable Messenger Architecture

  • Don’t have to worry about scalability. 
  • Scale up to millions and billions of users and withstand high loads of activity with no problem.

Modern Features & UI/UX

  • Have your app built on an already-modern and developed User Interface & User Experience
  • And high-functioning messenger and social networking features.


  • Apps can be easily monetized with paid subscriptions, sticker stores, and more.
  • Earn from your apps while you sleep.

Support Staff 

  • Zangi’s staff will support your app along the way and helps create quality designs and features, enriching your user’s experience.
  • Contact []
    To get started with your white label social networking apps, contact Zangi by filling out this form. 

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