Zangi for Teams- Self-hosted team chat app

Zangi for Teams- Self-hosted team chat app

The free calling & messaging app Zangi Messenger, has recently introduced Solutions for Teams.  Continue to use Zangi free messenger for individual use. But for teams, get full independence with a communication app that is hosted on your own servers.

Zangi’s Self-hosted Team Chat App (Explained in Detail)

What is Zangi for Teams?

This self-hosted team chat app solution is a secure calling & messaging app for teams & private communities.  Within this solution, your team gets a business-ready messenger app ​on iOS, Android, and Desktop, with out-of-the-box functionality. The app is brand-able 一your logo, branding will be applied. And most importantly, the app will be hosted on your own servers/cloud, giving you full data access, control, and security. All deployment and support will be done for you by Zangi: including remote set up, adding your branding, making custom changes, setting up your console, publishing your app, and answering you with any questions. After that, the app is all yours. 

Is this a New Solution?

Yes and no. Zangi has successfully been offering businesses white label solutions for a couple of years now. White label solutions are products that were produced by one company [Zangi]  and then is rebranded and made to look like other company’s. With Zangi for Teams, Zangi has taken the white label concept and made it more affordable, fast, and easy.  With white labeling, you have to pay upfront and for each feature separately. But with Zangi for Teams, you pay monthly, you get all-inclusive features, and you can still add your brand and self-host the app. 

Who is Zangi for Teams for?

The self-hosted team chat app is great for communities in industries like: 

  • Healthcare & Telemedicine 
  • Schools & Universities 
  • Hospitality & Tourism 
  • Government & Security Institutions
  • Legal & Professional Services
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • FinTech, Digital Wallet & Remittance 
  • Any-Sized Teams & etc.

How to Get Started? 

  1. Contact Zangi to get a 20-day free FULL trial to test it out. 
  2. Once you’re ready to start with a subscription, contact Zangi once again. Request changes, custom options, if necessary.
  3. After everything’s discussed, Zangi will start preparing your own mobile & desktop apps. And will remotely deploy media servers on your side or cloud.
  4. Once the self-hosted team chat app is deployed on your servers, the system will work only with your IPs and domains.
  5. Get UI branding including your logo, name, colors, intro text, etc will be added to the app.
  6. Decide if you want the app to be private or public. 
  7. The price includes a one-time setup fee and a monthly active user fee
  8. Receive a discount for the yearly plan, and ask for special pricing for large teams, NGOs, governmental and educational institutions

What Custom Options are there?

  • Business Phone (SIP) integration
  • CRM integration
  • Use the app without internet, if you have an internal network
  • Add additional special security algorithms and keys
  • Video conferencing — coming soon 

How secure is it? 

  • If Zangi’s IPs are closed or get blocked, that will in no way impact you
  • Your solution provider cannot hand out security keys to the government or third parties
  • Only you have data access and control of the app 
  • The app is protected from interception on the internet, with encryption
  • Encryption strength: full military-grade End-to-End Encryption

Feature list

  • Encrypted Voice calls (App-to-App) with adaptive codec
  • Encrypted Video calls(App-to-App) with adaptive codec
  • 4+ member audio conferencing
  • ​Low latency, no delays
  • In/Out VoIP terminations
  • Works even in poor/crowded connections
  • Low Data Usage Mode for Data and Wifi
  • SIP integration
  • Channels
  • Dynamic Security Channel encryption
  • Each session is encrypted with RSA-2048, RC4+, AES-256, ECDH, HMAC-S​HA256​, TLS/Noise
  • Adaptive audio codec
  • HD audio, video codec
  • HD Video codec੦ Text & group instant messaging
  • Very speedy transfer for ​any type of Files and Documents
  • Animated Gif support
  • Edit/Delete/Reply/Draft sent Messages
  • Voice message with the ability to lock the recording
  • Bring the device to your ear and automatically record a voice message Sticker Store
  • Deleting the history after signing out
  • Send and view locations, contacts
  • Search messages by contact and date
  • Data Storage” settings and “Clear Cache” feature Pinning the conversation on the Chats screen
  • Muting notifications for both one-to-one and group chats Contacts integration, synchronization
  • Contacts blocking
  • Local numbers recognition
  • User Profile integration with Facebook
  • User online status
  • Referral/Virtual Networks(grouping) with user management control panel Changing the UI language of the app
  • Changing the UI text size
  • Changing chat background
  • Orientation for left-handed users
  • Mute Notifications
  • Configuration and publishing in Apple AppStore & Google Play Market

To get started with a self-hosted team chat app, contact Zangi by filling out this form or send an email to

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