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Technology is changing our reality every day. New digital communication tools emerge to make our workplaces more comfortable and functional. Some companies actively employ newer/more advanced digital communication tools, but others are unaware of the new technological developments to improve workplace functionality. We hope that our insights will help the latter to find and use these tools.

Workplace Software

At the digital workplace, many employees work remotely. It’s sometimes difficult to organize remote workplaces because of the lack of control or inability to track space utilization. Besides, sometimes you need to hire additional independent contractors when planning a product launch. There should be a system to identify whether you can accommodate additional workers within the currently available space or rent additional digital workspace. Having this in mind, we can’t imagine digital communication tools without management software.

It allows for tracking time, space, and assets. Also, you can address any concerns that emerge in the workplace using this tool. Managers can use any integrated workplace management system offered in the market that meets workplace requirements. It helps workers deliver better results and make informed business decisions.

The most popular are Bitrix24, SnapComms, Optimity and ProofHub. It helps workers deliver better results and make informed business decisions.

Workplace management software to look into…

Digital Communication Tools for Teams

Needless to explain the importance of virtual communication when the part of your team works remotely at least part-time. Communication between team members, clients, and suppliers is the key factor for increasing productivity and improving time management. On the contrary, lack of communication may lead to unexpected issues or time waste. Communication software is a way to avoid these issues. There are many virtual /digital communication tools that help make remote teamwork more effective.

For example, Zangi enhances team communication, Slack is a great team collaboration tool, and nothing is better than Trello if you need a project management tool. You just need to find the right digital platform and train your staff to build a coherent team. Stride is another great Atlassian tool designed for group chat, file sharing, video chat and screen sharing.

Digital communication tools for teams to look into…

The Key To Employee Productivity Isn’t Just An App

Each new workplace app promises to enhance productivity, but the proliferation of all these apps can actually do the opposite, as technology reporter Simone Stolzoff wrote. These statistics from communication and video conferencing platform RingCentral show just how much apps can hinder productivity:

  • The average employee toggles between apps 10 times every hour
  • That adds up to 1 hour a day and 32 days a year!
  • Thirty-one percent of employees have lost their train of thought while navigating between apps
  • It takes them 23 minutes to refocus on a task after being distracted
  • Seventy percent of employees find it challenging to manage the volume of communications from apps
  • Sixty-six percent want a single platform for all workplace communications

These days, minimizing workplace distractions is the fastest way to increase productivity. And the more you can streamline platforms and simplify communication, the better it is for everyone. That includes sharing important messages with employees, allowing them to connect with colleagues and giving them to access the resources they need.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT sensors provide accurate data. Therefore, they are very helpful when organizing digital workplaces. For example, you can use offices more effectively. Definitely, you recalled several cases when you needed a room for a meeting, but it was booked by someone else. However, when you started to check all the rooms to find some space for you, you may find vacant rooms. What a surprise! IoT sensors help find available rooms to be used for your purposes. You can fix IoT sensors outside doors so team members can understand whether the room is vacant or no. There is no need to knock on doors and interrupt meetings other workers may have.

You should consider these two boards: the Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi 2. You just need to install room reservation software to check before using a room.

IoT boards to look into…

Meetings and Webinars

Currently, meetings and webinars are powerful digital communication tools for business development. However, it’s sometimes difficult to organize face-to-face meetings and find all workers in their offices when needed. Therefore, using tools that help arrange video meetings, training, and webinars is a great idea to enable employees to get together.

For example, ClickMeeting is a tool that is specially designed for the purposes of digital workplaces. You can also check WebinarNinja and Zoho Meeting. Remote team members can easily discuss current business activities, manage projects, and train.

Meetings and webinars tools to look into…

Time Management and Productivity Tools

Nowadays, productivity results from effective time management. Managers try to use each minute of their working time as efficiently as possible. For example, tools like G-Suite, Scoro, Asana, and Timecamp may help significantly increase productivity and organize work in a manner that allows reaching better results.

Also, CRM tools (customer relationship management) help serve customers and better satisfy their needs. This is crucially important in the global markets with fierce competition when companies value each minute of their time. In this way, companies can create an effective digital environment for collaboration and customer support.

Time management and productivity tools to look into…

CRM Tools

Companies should pay more attention to their customers. Otherwise, their competitors will capture them. Such tools as HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Zendesk make collaboration with customers easier. This tool helps respond to customers’ requests immediately. Also, it reduces the number of missed requests. You don’t need to be physically present in your customers’ offices. Many issues can be solved in seconds from your own workplace or even on-the-go. The solutions depend on the type of business. Make your own research to find CRM solutions that meet the requirements of your company.

CRM tools to look into…

In Summary

Managing your digital workplace is easy if you know which tools you need to arrange it. We listed several tools for more effective organizing of your workplace, but you may do your research to find out other innovative solutions that can help increase productivity or improve existing time management patterns.

You can use various tools to better organize various business processes and teams. However, a transition to a digital workplace is associated with difficulties. Therefore, you should prepare your team members and train them before you introduce any new tools. Only in this case,  you can transform your workplace into a more effective and productive environment.

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