Will Trump be able to launch his own platform? | How to overcome Big Tech Dominance & Control
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Will Trump be able to launch his own platform? | How to overcome Big Tech Dominance & Control

First, he was banned from Twitter, then from Facebook. Snapchat, Shopify, Stripe, then restricted to post on Reddit, TikTok, and YouTube, President Trump’s social media bans have sparked huge debates and interest worldwide. We’re all closely following the news to see: WHAT WILL TRUMP DO NEXT? Who else will ban or be banned?

The Debate over the Bans

Most of us have also probably taken sides about whether Big Tech moderation /censorship is fair or rather concerning.

Big Tech & Their Undefeatable Power 

Tech giants have the power to shape the main public square of the 21st century, to control speech and markets. For instance, regarding these latest events, we don’t even know how those decisions were reached, or by whom. These huge companies can do essentially whatever they want, when, and with whom they want.

How can Trump (and others) finally overcome the heavy reliance on Tech Giants? 

The Problem

Most of us, not having any other alternative, are communicating through mainstream platforms. And we’re delegating our data and privacy to global market leaders like Google, Facebook, and others.

The Solution

In order to not to be reliant or directly impacted by 3rd parties, many businesses, individuals, and teams are switching to their own apps and systems, hosted on-premises.

Security experts unanimously recommend individuals and enterprise leaders, who are searching for something better and fully private — to find that the Zero Trust Security model can deliver the best results. The Zero Trust Security concept says to trust no one. Instead, verify everything and put trust only in your own hands.

Put your trust, data, communication, activities, all decisions in your own hands, with your own apps.

To get your OWN communication app or social media app, you can build it yourself. Or get an exclusive app, self-hosted by you, secured under your company account — white-labeled for you.

What if Trump knew he could launch his own social media system, within 5 working days, and host anywhere around the globe?

What Trump needs is his own platform, which will not rely on other’s servers or restrictions.

Get your own app, with your own rules.

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So, Will Trump be able to create his own Social Media Network?

Currently, Trump remains to search — if anywhere — any possible way to reach his followers

In the latest news, there have been some speculations that Trump is considering building his own social network, but experts say that it would be a costly and time-consuming endeavor — and come with limitations.

If Trump truly wants independence from tech companies/providers and wants to follow his own rules, he can do so only with his own on-premises social media platform.

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