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White Label Softphone

Zangi White Label Products

Zangi’s white label softphone software helps you avoid the trouble of building an expensive messenger app from scratch. Our customisable phone application provides businesses with tailor-made communication solutions on any budget. Get a fully made application that competes with WhatsApp and Skype delivered to you with only the features you need. You can personalise your Zangi app with the following features:

  • Your company name and logo on the app
  • Customisable colour scheme to fit your branding
  • Tailored features to fit your business needs
  • Personalised interface

Why Zangi White Label Softphone?

The Zangi white label softphone solution fits any company’s needs with excellent call quality anywhere for an unbeatable price. Here are just a few more reasons why Zangi is unparalleled in the market:

Works everywhere, anytime. Make crystal clear calls from anywhere on any connection ranging from 2G/EDGE to satellite or overloaded Wi-Fi.

Lowest bandwidth use available in the market. Stay securely connected on low-bandwidth mode without compromising on call quality and avoid unnecessary roaming costs.

Bypass VoIP restrictions in certain countries

Send instant messages and files of any type

Make HD quality video calls without compromising on image or sound clarity

Enhanced user experience with easy-to-use, modern interface

Zangi is here to meet all your needs. We are ready to customize and tailor the product to your requirements and help you develop your business your way.

OEM Softphone

White Label Features

Zangi Softphone
  • Voice Call
  • HD Video Call
  • Instant Messaging and File Sharing
  • Out Calls
  • Callback Calls
  • Sticker Store
  • Low Bandwidth Mode
  • Bypass VoIP Blocking Mode
  • VoIP and Local Notifications
  • Call Forwarding
  • Out Calls Rates View with Multi-Currency
  • RSA-2048 Encryption
  • Calling Cards Integration
  • Adaptive Audio Codec Support
  • HD Audio Codec Available
  • HD Video Codec Available
  • Contacts Integration
  • Contacts Synchronization
  • Local Numbers Recognition
  • User Profile
  • User Online Status Support
  • Balance View with Multi-Currency

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