Add Mobility to Your SIP Phone System

Talk securely over your local phone system wherever you are. Easily integrate your SIP Phone System with Zangi, and install Zangi free apps to make calls via your business phone system from anywhere you go.

Team Communication via Modern Messengers

Have an office SIP phone system? We will give you a secure mobile messenger for it.

Zangi has all the main modern messenger features like instant messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, group chats and more.

Register Now and Start Your Free Trial

After registration you will receive access to your network’s dashboard, which is easy to set up and easy to use. And it's completely free to try out.

Check your statistics, send push notifications to any of your users, monitor sales and expenses and more.

Solution Advantages

Easily Integrate All Your Team via Link Invitations

Send invite links to users right from your web dashboard, asking them to join your network. All your users need is Zangi messenger on their smartphones. There is no need to set up anything.

Add Extra Security to Your Business Communication

With Zangi solution, your local phone system is connected to Zangi backend via a server-to-server gateway, and mobile apps have no access to your system providing extra security to all your business communication.

Make Calls with HD Voice Quality

Unlike other solutions, Zangi in-house built cutting-edge technology has made it possible to make and receive HD quality calls via your business phone system.

Use an All-In-One App for All Your Communication

Zangi provides a premium quality all-in-one messenger app for all your communication with easy-to-use instant messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, group chats and more. You will not need to constantly switch between your business calling app and your favorite messenger app for messaging and sharing.

Reliable Apps That Don’t Drain Your Battery

Zangi mobile messenger apps are reliable and optimized to not drain the battery of your mobile devices.

Get Your Branded App Upon Request

You can request to apply your company branding on all Zangi client applications.

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If billed annually and payed upfront, a 15% discount will be applied on all prices.


We at Zangi support those people that are making positive changes in the world. That is why we offer special discount pricing for qualified Governmental, Non-Governmental, Nonprofit Organizations and Educational Institutions. Contact us to get all the details.

Request Free Demo

It is completely free to try all the features of your own private and independent communication platform for 15 days.

Additional Possibilities for Your Solution

Add Your Brand to Your Applications

You can add your branding, logo and company name to your applications. Simply make a request for your iOS and Android apps.