Create Your Virtual Network

Build your own private Virtual Network on Zangi’s platform. And take full control over your business and data. Zangi’s Virtual Network is a cutting-edge solution for safe communication, which keeps your network independent from any internal or external risks and data leakage.

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What is a Virtual Network?

While other messaging solutions offer only group-oriented features, Zangi allows to build your own Virtual Network which itself includes groups and more. You get full control over your network’s users and their data.

Who is Virtual Network for?

Virtual Network is designed for all types of communities – from enterprise staff to government departments and NGOs – for all those who want to build their own decentralized private network.

Network Management Business Panel

Zangi provides a network management business panel with grouping, VoIP (SIP) gateway routing, notifications, cost/markup setup, sales and expenses monitoring, statistics, virtual goods, etc., to manage and monetize your virtual network users.

Cutting-Edge Solution and Modern Messenger Features

Powered by Zangi innovations, the Platform provides the most lightweight, reliable and fastest solutions in the world. Zangi offers all the features of modern messengers: messaging, HD audio/video calls, file sharing, group chat, virtual goods, in/out VoIP termination, etc. thus competing with the top messengers in the market.