What is a Network?

We all know what groups and channels can do – with Networks, you can do and control much more. Create your own, secure environment where all your users and data are fully controlled, monitored and managed by you.

Fit an unlimited number of users and decide who is in your internal communications system and who shouldn’t be. Get a business management panel, statistics and modern, high-quality messenger features.

Networks VS Groups

While almost all messaging apps offer group-oriented features, with Zangi you can build your own Network which in itself already includes groups and so much more.

Register your internal communications Network for free and choose your name

Who is a Network for?

Zangi Network is designed for all types of teams – from small communities, companies, organizations to government departments and NGOs –for all those who want to build a public internal communications system and for those who want to be completely private or incognito.

How It Works

Register your internal communications system for free and choose your name


Start by registering your Independent Network and choosing a Network name.


Instantly get access to your Network panel for statistics, push notifications and more.

Manage and monitor with your network panel of your communication platform
Send invite links to your users of your independent network


Send invite links to your users on their Zangi app directly from your Network panel, asking them to join your Network. No setup/configuration is needed.


Use a private, reliable and fast modern messenger with advanced features for secure voice and video calls, file transfer, messaging and more.

Build your own network and securely communicate within the network


Are Independent Networks free?

Creating and using a Network is absolutely free. You can add as many users as you want and use all the Network Panel features.

I already have a group/channel, why do I need a Network?

There are many advantages you get with having a internal communications system. Some benefits include: full control your users and data, secure communication, statistics of user activity and notifications to users. You get to choose who’s in your Network.

How secure is my Network?

Zangi is one of the most secure messengers, which gives Network owners and users full control over their data and conversations. All messages are end-to-end encrypted locally on your devices. And Zangi servers have zero access to your communications.

What extra do I get with Networks?

Additionally, you can choose to integrate your office phone system through a SIP gateway, which will have you instantly saving on your phone bills and roaming costs. And you can also add your branding to transform your Network into a fully unique application.

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