Class 5 SoftSwitch

Zangi Solutions are backed by our own fully functional multi-tenant SoftSwitch. Lightweight and fast, Zangi SoftSwitch is intended to work with end users and includes:

  • Residential VoIP functionality (prepaid and postpaid) with billing and online payments
  • Scalable IP PBX functionality
  • Prepaid calling cards and call shop functionality
  • Unified communications services (including Voice, Video, SMS, Instant Messaging and File Sharing)
  • Users management. Search, Create, Edit, Remove, Charge balance, Groups
  • Gateways management. Set termination paths, SIP trunking, Set Prices, Set countries
  • Billing. Multi currency support, Minutes based charging, Promotions support.
  • Online payments integration. PayPal, Skrill, Ayden, etc
  • Built in XMPP server, Instant messaging, Files transferring
  • Sticker market, Virtual goods and VAS platform
  • Retails services. resellers, agents, calling cards, callshops
  • DiD, integration with any external DiD services
  • Offline calls implementation, Call initiation via SMS, HTTP, Call, Callback integration
  • Audio and Video transcoders implementations
  • UDP and TCP based live streaming
  • STUN and TURN support, P2P streaming
  • Real time stats tracking, Statistics for the period and reports
  • Local notifications support

Web Based Admin Panel


Both real-time and historical stats are available and can be viewed from a single location.


Monitor and control your users.

Calling Cards and Resellers

Easily add top-up cards and build your own affiliate network. Control your resellers. Add or remove a reseller in just few clicks.


Send notification to your clients or groups using our simple CRM Messaging system.

Check User Spendings

See how much your users spend on outcalls and which destinations are amongst the most popular.

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