Zangi Communication Security Components

Regardless of profession or involvement in technical areas, from time to time we hear about security failures in different websites, social media or messenger applications.

In Zangi application communication security and privacy is one of the main priorities; new steps are constantly made to neutralize security risks, main ones among which are:


The logo representing Heartbleed. Security company “Codenomicon” created the logo and came up with the name ‘Heartbleed’, helping to raise awareness of the issue.

The logo representing Heartbleed. Security company “Codenomicon” created the logo and came up with the name ‘Heartbleed’, helping to raise awareness of the issue.

SSL failure prevention; SSL system ensures private and secure data transfer (secure handshaking) when using a website or application. And this relates to the entire Internet field, therefore a security gap can endanger the system thoroughly.

On March 14, 2012, at the launch of a new SSL version, such a flaw was detected in the SSL system, which endangered many websites and applications that didn’t have an additional security level. This security flaw, which was called “Heartbleed”, was eventually closed on April 7, 2014, when a more stable version of SSL was launched.

Zangi users can again stay unworried since Zangi has additional SSL security systems that are protecting from external access into users’ communication. Thanks to that even during the ‘Heartbleed’s’ active period Zangi users were protected from any intervention.

Dynamic data encryption is one of Zangi’s main components, which guarantees users’ secure communication. Communication in Zangi is entirely encrypted and that encryption regularly changes during every new communication; it is never the same for any random two communications. And the decryption key is kept only on the user’s phone, which excludes any third party’s access and the possibility to possess users’ communication.

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Communication content in Zangi, particularly user messages, are kept exclusively in the same users’ phones, therefore are available only to those users. Zangi users’ private data is in no case kept in any server (serverless), which is an additional guarantee of safe communication.

Putting importance in communication security and users’ right to privacy, Zangi application will soon further develop its end-to-end encryption, which, being a supplement to Zangi’s security system, will take it to a new level. Different messenger applications have different encryption systems, for example, Signal and Whatsapp applications use the “Whisper Systems” encryption system, which is recommended by Edward Snowden himself. And Telegram, for instance, prefers to create its own encryption system, which is commonly accepted as a more risky way.

Currently Zangi’s security system, being secure and safe, more than complies with today’s international requirements and possibilities, and will soon become the leading example for many other popular applications.


Enjoy secure communication with Zangi! 

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