Pokemon GO: a success story despite imperfections

I am sure you have already seen people mindlessly roaming around on the streets of the city you live in, staring down at their phones. If that seemed strange to you, that means you are missing out on the world’s next biggest trend – and you should pull out your phone and try it out right now. We introduce to you the new game that took over the world, but it isn’t essentially new at all – it’s no other than the old and favorite Pokemon, now conquering the world as Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO takes gaming to a whole new level by blurring the line between the real and virtual worlds and literally integrates the fictional world of Pokemon into the user’s everyday life. Everything that reminds us of our childhood days with the simple Nintendo games – from the creatures to the gyms, the trainers – feels real, but unlike before, the users now get a chance to become Pokemon trainers themselves instead of sitting back and watching the fictional characters take on that role. And this is why you see all these people who seem to wander around in the streets – except, each and one of them is pursuing a goal, and the goal is a Pokemon they will try to capture before anyone else.

The app seems to be an ultimate success – and yet, despite its popularity, it still has ways to improve. Noting this and having access to the application before its official launch date, Jonathan Zarra worked on a complementary application, GoChat, that would add what’s missing to Pokemon GO – the element of communication. Of course, players could bump into each other in the streets and share excitement for brief seconds before setting off on the journey to find fictional creatures. But Pokemon GO gave players on longer distances no way to communicate and share details about the virtual-real world of Pokemon.

Pokemon GO

Only during the first five days after the launch of GoChat, the application reached the mark of a million users, while the servers were attacked by rigorous 600 requests per second. Ironically, the application that seemed to be such a hit and such a perfect addition to a worldwide trend could hardly stand the pressure of the most devoted fans of the game. While the application was blowing the players’ minds, its servers were blowing up, too.

The application crashed often, loading messages was impossible at times. While the success was blinding, the consequences did not match Zarra’s expectations – they were costing more than anticipated.  So, while the application is successful, Zarra is currently negotiating for more investment in the application to be able to resist the huge influx of users and downloads to prolong the application’s success for as long as possible.

GoChat proves that communication is a crucial element that matters today – whether in games, social network applications, or business. The ability to communicate with other players and share the excitement with other players gives the game a whole new dimension – even though Pokemon GO has already beat every single competitor with its multidimensional nature and interactivity.

So, as soon as you download Pokemon GO and join the roaming people in your city, do not forget about GoChat to stay in touch with other players during your adventures in the world of Pokemon.