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Zangi Latest iOS Update: What’s New?

We’re proud to announce that Zangi latest iOS update (Version 4.3.6) comes with a much-improved user interface, experience and a lot of new features.

You told us what you thought of our previous versions, we listened and implemented a large number of your requests. You can easily detect the changes in design, enjoy a more user-friendly interface and communicate using the new features.

Zangi Latest iOS Update – here are some of the new features:

1. Transfer Data

Use a new “Transfer Data” section in the Settings to transfer your personal data to another device. The data is transferred using peer-to-peer (P2P) Wi-Fi without the Internet connection. It’s easy and fast: make sure the Wi-Fi is enabled on both devices and both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Simply select the phone number you want to transfer your data to and just confirm on the other device.

2. Personal Messages

This new feature allows you to text yourself. It’s your personal space. You can send yourself documents, files, URLs, notes, and any personal message or thoughts you want to put in writing. Remember, everything is kept locally and only on your device. It does not synchronize with any cloud system and no one, except you, can see those messages. These notes are really personal!

3. Replying to Messages

Now you can respond to any message both in a group chat and in an individual chat making your conversations more productive, live and fun. When actively talking to your friends comment on your preferred message. How to do it? Just tap and hold the message you want to answer and select “Reply” from the menu.

4. Send Contact

Now, you can send any contacts from your phone directory to your friends right from the message bar. Tap “+” icon of the chat bottom panel and select a “contact” icon. Then choose the contact you would like to send, tap on it and send. You will be able to share any of your contacts with your friends. Send as many contacts as needed.

5. Data Storage and Clear Cache

We’ve added a new section called “Data Storage”. This way you are in control of your data. Use a new “Data Storage” section of the Settings to check your current cache usage of Zangi media. You can clear cache for all conversations or the selected ones. You can also see the amount of data each conversation includes with a detailed description of “Photos”, “Videos” and “Files”. When choosing “Clear Cache” you can select the cache type to be removed.
Also, you can set how long Zangi should keep your media inside the app in the “Keep Media” section, whether it’s for 3 days, 1 week, 1 month or forever, you are the one to set your preferred timeline.

6. Message Draft

When you have an unsent message Zangi will let you know about it. You will see a “Draft” label near that conversation in the “Chats” screen.

7. Not Storing Messages On Any Servers

Staying true to our security strategy of not storing any of your data in any servers a pop-up notification will notify you about this after creating a new chat conversation. You will be reminded again that messages to that chat and any other chat are not stored on any servers. Here, at Zangi, we want you to stay safe and secure.

8. Design and User Experience Improvements

We continued to simplify and improve the user experience of Zangi Messenger. The interface improvements for this release, in particular, are easy to detect. Starting from the “Settings” section update to “Chat”, “Calls”, Contacts” icons. A major update can be noticed in “Calls” section, here the call-list was adjusted similarly to the native iOS style. Improvements have affected all devices, especially iPad.

9. Support for iPhone X

The opinion of our user is very important for us. Please continue sending your feedback to support@zangi.com or message your comments to our Facebook page.

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