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Why You Should Invest In Communication Tools For Your Business

5 Reasons Why You Need To Master Visual Marketing For Your IT Business

  If there was one word that would perfectly describe the direction of human evolution in the digital age, that word would be “laziness”. People have become lazy; they increasingly prefer content that will capture their attention within the first few seconds as they look at it. They need action and color; they need instructions as they don’t have time… Read more →

Is Your Messaging App Encrypted

Is Your Messaging App Encrypted?

It’s almost impossible to avoid third party eavesdropping during two-person communications via the Internet. Usually, only cryptographic protocols are capable of preventing these situations, but it is rather complicated for software developers to correctly integrate them into applications. That’s why researchers at the TU Darmstadt want to automate encryption. Generally when two people message each other via the Internet a… Read more →

Zangi iOS 10

iOS 10 Tips and Tricks

iOS 10 Apple’s newest update is now available for your phone. It looks a lot different and there are lots of new things throughout iOS 10 that may cause confusion for the new users. If you’re one of that users, here are some of the tips and tricks you can do with your iPhone or iPad.   Slide to unlock… Read more →

mobile softphones

Mobile Softphones: Everything You Need To Know

The communications market has marked a very rapid and drastic growth recently. There are a lot of factors contributing to this fast-paced development, such as the rise and omnipresence of mobile softphones, development of internet, and the scattered nature of humanity that can take you anywhere in the world and encourage you to stay in touch with your dear ones… Read more →

Job Interview

What You Need To Know Before Your Next Job Interview

  Remember how you were getting butterflies in your stomach the night before an important job interview, replaying possible scenarios in your mind, trying to come up with hard questions the interviewers might possibly ask you and struggling to answer them? Reformating your resume, showing off a sky-high GPA and impressive internships? You can relax because during the interview, those… Read more →

tech blogs

Five Tech Blogs You Should Follow Now

While you are reading this sentence right now, thousands of apps are being released, more updates are created, and someone somewhere is coming up with a completely new technology that sounds impossible to us. We get it: the world of technology is changing every second, and it’s an unstoppable force that’s almost impossible to keep up with. We are used… Read more →


When Zangi Beats GSM

  Imagine a warm Sunday and perfect summer weather. You decide to take a day off from the stuffy, noisy city and enjoy the nature with friends and family. Far from megalopolises that are the main hubs for cellular and internet connections, it is not surprising that it is often hard to stay in touch while in remote areas of… Read more →