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Zangi iOS Update

Here’s what’s new in our newest iOS update

We’re proud to announce that our newest iOS release (Version 4.3.6) comes with a much-improved user interface, experience and a lot of new features. You told us what you thought of our previous versions, we listened and implemented a large number of your requests. You can easily detect the changes in design, enjoy a more user-friendly interface and communicate using… Read more →

Zangi Leaves No Traces of User Data

Zangi Leaves No Traces of User Data

Today we all use different applications, software, social media, and communication tools. Our daily activities are preserved in those platforms, creating a history about us with every tap. From that perspective, people must have the right for complete or partial erasure of their information, without leaving traces in any database. We face many privacy issues, which has even forced several… Read more →

Zangi vs WhatsApp

Why Low Data Usage is Important for Your Messenger App

When it comes to the features we want with our messenger apps we look for voice/video call capability, interactive, smooth messaging interface, new features, emojis, etc… But how about working in slow networks which many of us experience. For instance, according to in India the average mobile Internet speed is 1.12Mb/s, Nigeria has 1.15MB/s, in Bangladesh it’s 0.75Mb/s and… Read more →

Mobile dialers

Mobile dialer that works in 2G connection

The age of digital communications and virtual reality – this is how the age we live in is called. Today, the world is characterized by connections, most of them virtual, and the networks of people are supported by these connections. Not only are they supported by the technology and telecommunications, but they are also vulnerable without them; poor connection can… Read more →

Low bandwidth mode

Low bandwidth mode ON

Oh, those struggles with data roaming. Who hasn’t ever worried about absurd roaming prices, the amount of data spent on it, and the ridiculously low quality you get for those sky-high prices? Meanwhile, staying in touch anywhere across the globe is a necessity today. Whether family, friends, or business, it’s hard to be unavailable in the modern age of communications… Read more →

Zangi Android phones new Material Design

Zangi Android phones new Material Design rolled out!

Welcome to Zangi Android phones new Material Design! As we have previously mentioned in our press release, Android user interface changed completely with this new release! Zangi knows how important the user interface is to you and wants to make it easier to stay in touch with your friends and family. So we are really working hard to improve your… Read more →


Skype vs Zangi (part 2)

Call Quality – mom, is that you? When internet connection is strong enough, Skype’s audio and video quality is rather good; it uses enhanced codecs and HD voice that together make video calls very crisp. Zangi, however, provides the same, and often higher, quality of image and sound while requiring a fraction of Skype’s bandwidth use. The pictures above show… Read more →


Skype Vs Zangi (part 1)

  Today, the application markets for iOS and Android devices are filled with a variety of mobile messaging applications that offer calling and texting services over WiFi or mobile internet. Each one promises a revolution in mobile communications, but each one is different in different ways, leaving the user to make a choice based on the app’s popularity rather than… Read more →