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How Free Messenger Apps Make Money

How Free Messenger Apps Make Money

We all use free messenger apps, like WhatsApp, Zangi or Viber to communicate with our friends and family. The services we receive (voice & video call, instant messaging, file sharing…) are free and those are the core services and features those companies provide. Obviously, it would be naive to think that these companies don’t have revenue streams. Then the question… Read more →

What You Need To Know About GSMA's Mobile World Congress

What You Need To Know About GSMA’s Mobile World Congress

Did you know that there is a big four-day global event held every year, which brings together the best companies in the mobile industry? Mobile World Congress or MWC is the largest global event held annually in the mobile industry; hosting massive exhibitions, award-winning conferences, outstanding networking opportunities, partner programs, the Glomo Awards and much more. MWC17 will be taking… Read more →

4 Keys To Becoming a VoIP Business Mogul

4 Keys To Becoming a VoIP Business Mogul

Determined to start your own Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecom business? Here are some technical, business and customer-oriented aspects you will want to pay attention to. 1. Server arrangements This is a business where your entire service and core business is based on an online server, therefore it only makes sense to get the best service available. For instance,… Read more →

5 Habits of Successful White Label Softphone Reseller

5 Habits of Successful White Label Softphone Reseller

Why should you become White Label softphone reseller?   Interest over the industries of telecom and  unified communications is growing day by day. Many telecom businesses need reliable partners to expand their revenue and enter a market. Partnership with Zangi helps you to get one-time share and continue profiting from monthly fees for every new customer you provide. You simply… Read more →

Zangi Softswitch

All You Need To Know About Zangi SoftSwitch

For all the new and running VoIP service providers, SoftSwitch has become the number one option today. But what is this SoftSwitch and why is it so important? A Softswitch is a server that offers easy business implementation for all the beginner and mature VoIP service providers that allows business tracking, high-quality connectivity, and user management through a single, unified,… Read more →

business partnership

How To Join Zangi Business Partnership Program?

  Ready to expand your businesses and earn more money, then JOIN us today and GET one time shares and continuous flow of revenue by offering our products to your customers. In the recent years have registered an unprecedented interest over the industries of telecom and  unified communications (UC). Many businesses look for a reliable partner to expand their revenue… Read more →


So you want to build an app? We will burn your dream!

Taking the importance of communication in nowadays life, when almost every company has its own corporate messaging app, it’s very important to know how to take advantage of recent high technology solutions and latest trends. The development in technology and existence of dozens of application in either mobile devices or web based ones affected the way of making apps more… Read more →