So you want to build an app? We will burn your dream!


Taking the importance of communication in nowadays life, when almost every company has its own corporate messaging app, it’s very important to know how to take advantage of recent high technology solutions and latest trends.

The development in technology and existence of dozens of application in either mobile devices or web based ones affected the way of making apps more comfortable and better way of communication. Alongside with technology development and gradual change, there have also been changes in the way many businesses decide how to communicate or at least how to handle the issue.

Of course, if someone says that the right way to solve the problem is to do it by yourself, I would have said hmm.. right that’s the point..but it’s the classic solution and not always the best way to find the key of the problem. Building your own solution very often leads to:


  • Spend too much time, efforts and resources on finding solutions that many other companies have already found
  • Making mistakes that is possible to avoid if you opt for white label solution


Well..many companies can get rid of wasting millions of dollars on just keeping an in-housing development team and instead they may select and go for White Label solution. “White Label” usually refers to  fully supported product or service that’s made by one company and sold without branding. So the buyer can purchase it with its company logo, brand colour, etc.

White Label solution works especially effective in technology sphere, when instead of developing by yourself you just buy the service and let the seller be responsible for everything. 

Consider these advantages of White Label solution, if you still think that’s not the way to have a communication app:

  • You save money: Developing an app takes human and financial resources and still you can’t be guaranteed that the final product will be what you have decided it to be.  It takes quite a lot of money on product development, design, testing, later on bug fixing, and so on. So, it’s definitely easier to search for the right company, find the one which offers the features you really need and go for it.
  • You get rid of all design related issues: White label solutions are ready made, so you just give the logo, brand colour and they integrate all what you want! No need to spend time on design.
  • You have more time to concentrate on your business core goals: Very often having an app (let’s say mobile app) is not core goal of the company, it’s just the way to make communication simpler, easier and more effective. And here is when you can get White Label Softphone and concentrate the team efforts more on strategically important goals.  

So find out more about the most appropriate use cases for your business and  just keep following our blog!


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